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"Charlie & Millie's Pizza House", Largo, FL - Nov, 2011
"Charlie & Millie's Pizza House", Largo, FL - Nov, 2011
Large Pepperoni and Mushroom, $16.00- A friend of a friend recomended this place. I may have just lost two friends. This was NOT good! I told my friend the moment the waitress set the pizza down it wasn't going to be good. It just LOOKED cheap and low-grade. When I was younger (a lot younger!) I cooked in 5 diferent pizza joints, so I know a little bit about pizza. The sauce looked thin, cheap and full of red dye. The sauce was so flavorless and unsubstantial that on parts of the crust it actually seemed to have evaporated in the oven, leaving only the red-dye stain behind. Also, there wasn't enough sauce to have made a good pie in the first place, and the crust was dry and crumbley- it was kind of like eating crackers with ketchup and tastless cheese on them. Other observations: The T.V. on the wall was turned towards the front counter/kitchen area, clearly the T.V. is for the employees entertainment not their customers. The waitress was watching some trash-T.V. about a man who was video taped beating his 14 year old daughter over and over again with a heavy belt- nice for customers (and their children) to be watching and hearing during dinner. The Mens room was outside on the back of the building and smelled like a highway reststop outhouse in July. The place was not busy and I can honestly say Pappa John's or Domino's would have been better.

cheap mens watches
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