Cartier Demoiselle Watch. Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watches.

Cartier Demoiselle Watch

cartier demoiselle watch
  • damsel: a young unmarried woman
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Propeller-Shaped Letter Opener
Propeller-Shaped Letter Opener
In the shape of a propeller, this letter-opener gives homage to Santos-Dumont, the first pilot to wear a wristwatch; of course it was a Cartier. Made in Stainless Steel and 18k. From Wikipedia: The wristwatch had already been invented by Patek Philippe, decades earlier, but Santos Dumont played an important role in popularizing its use by men in the early 20th century. Before him they were generally worn only by women (as jewels), as men favored pocket watches. In 1904, while celebrating his winning of the Deutsch Prize at Maxim's Restaurant in [Paris], Santos Dumont complained to his friend Louis Cartier about the difficulty of checking his pocket watch to time his performance during flight. Santos Dumont then asked Cartier to come up with an alternative that would allow him to keep both hands on the controls. Cartier went to work on the problem and the result was a watch with a leather band and a small buckle, to be worn on the wrist. Santos Dumont never took off again without his personal Cartier wristwatch, and he used it to check his personal record for a 220 m (730 ft) flight, achieved in twenty-one seconds, on November 12, 1906. The Santos Dumont watch was officially displayed on October 20, 1979 at the Paris Air Museum next to the 1908 Demoiselle, the last aircraft that he built.
Beautiful Demoiselle - that's not my opinion, that's the name. A very distinctive damselfly, it has broad wings and flutters much like a butterfly. The male's wings are black, the female's are gold.

cartier demoiselle watch
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