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Organic Dry Clean

organic dry clean
    dry clean
  • Taking actions to determine whether or not you are under surveillance.
  • Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water
  • clean with chemical agents
  • Dry cleaning (or dry-cleaning) is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. The solvent used is typically tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), abbreviated "perc" in the industry and "dry-cleaning fluid" by the public.
  • a fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter
  • Of, relating to, or denoting compounds containing carbon (other than simple binary compounds and salts) and chiefly or ultimately of biological origin
  • relating or belonging to the class of chemical compounds having a carbon basis; "hydrocarbons are organic compounds"
  • being or relating to or derived from or having properties characteristic of living organisms; "organic life"; "organic growth"; "organic remains found in rock"
  • Of, relating to, or derived from living matter
  • (of food or farming methods) Produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents
organic dry clean - Yerba Prima
Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush
Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush
The Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush is a wonderful, revitalizing health and beauty aid. Removing the top layer of dead skin and stimulating the circulation of blood feeding the skin are essential for maintaining youthful, glowing and supple skin. Skin Brushing has been used throughout the world for centuries, and is making its way back into popularity. Dry skin brushing is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin without removing the protective mantle of acid and oils. It gently and effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells with its build-up of dirt and acid, and deeply cleanses the pores. Skin brushing is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse the lymphatic system. Waste material is carried away from the cells by the blood and the lymph. Skin brushing stimulates the release of this material from the cells near the surface of the body. Eventually, most of the toxins along with their carrier cells, primarily lymphocytes, find their way to the colon for elimination. Skin brushing is also used by beauty salons as part of a program for removing cellulite. Skin brushing is most effective with an all-natural vegetable fiber brush, such as the Tampico Skin Brush. Make sure the brush isn t made of synthetic fiber since this can irritate the skin. A long handle is also helpful for reaching the back and entire body.

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Organic Health Food Market Postcard
Organic Health Food Market Postcard
Organic Health Food Market Postcard design template by Alexandre Braga. An all-natural, organic health food market would be perfectly represented through this earthy but modern postcard. The cotton-paper texture conveys a health food market's ultimate goal of providing the freshest, most natural products to it's customers, while the clean green blocks and type reinforce a modern, forward thinking philosophy.
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organic dry clean
organic dry clean
Drymate Absorbant Kitchen Mat
Drymate Absorbant Kitchen Mat. Kitchen counters stay clean, dry and scratch-free with the Drymate Kitchen Drymat! Large, 18 x 20 mat is super absorbent and contains up to five times its weight in water, with a waterproof inner layer that traps spills. Use under your dish rack or coffee maker, or for drying glasses, fruits and vegetables. Lightweight, durable and can easily be cut to any size or shape. Machine washable or air-dries quickly. Made in the USA from over 50% recycled fibers. Bamboo Weave design.

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