Cleaning tile shower. Simple and clean opening.

Cleaning Tile Shower

cleaning tile shower
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[144|365] 1am shower.
[144|365] 1am shower.
15 March 2008 Today was all about cleaning, and more cleaning, and even more cleaning. Oh, and taxes. So after doing all that, I finally relaxed with a hot shower around 1am. But, things are looking pretty good around here, nice and organized. I guess you could say the spring cleaning bug bit me. :)
#73 Master Shower Tile - Front
#73 Master Shower Tile - Front
Our master shower, complete with two shower heads. I had a removable sprayer put on the one closest to the back to help with cleaning. We haven't installed the glass wall or door yet. It does make for a nice & clear picture though. :-)

cleaning tile shower
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