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cheap peace t shirts
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\"Recently, a few students in my school got in trouble for promoting No Pants Day... they are going to celebrate it anyways... what troopers. Anyways, here is the article, and i was amused at the fact that the newspaper sounded like they actually SIDED with them, and not the school. [...] Well, i hope you enjoy the article!\" Coal City, Illinois, USA said: No Pants Day is definitely the greatest thing to happen to Coal City since the president came town, which never happened. Everyone has to participate!!! --brock said: totally! anyone who reads this from coal city has got to support our troopers! said: Hey!!!! I was one of those freshman!!! Sarah said: Yeah I was one of those kids too... yeah all you biotches from COal CIty better forget your pants May 6th! Kyle Walker said: Yep, i can proudly say that i was the one that helped get it in the newspaper and am a huge supporter for this cool holiday. LIVE FREE, LIVE PANTLESS!!! said: hey this is very cool, i wish that our school could do a cool day like that... my friend gave me the wb site said: no pants day is by far the most awesomeist and genious holiday ever invented....and had i been in coal city i would have fully supported it said: OMG i can't believe u got this on here! Wow May 6th is gonna be very very interesting Becky said: Wow... this is amazing. Our little town of Coal City, headline on this website. I'm proud to say I live in this town. No Pants Day is going down in history. I can't wait. Freedom of the press... freedom of no pants. That's my motto. COREY said: from coal city.......all igot to say is..... "lets do this" :-D NICOLE said: EVERYONE YOU GOTTA LOVE US COALCITIANS!...IM PROUD TO BE ONE...WE BRINGING BACK A NEW HOLIDAY! sammie b said: yep i was the one who sent it in :) yes yes i know im awesome... you are such troopers lol Boese said: Hell yea!!! I am proud to be from coal city(i never thought i would say that), and i am definetely gonna do this shankikwa said: can i be part of this no pants day? even though ive got a huge ass and granny undies? thanks for this holiday! Jaime said: DAMN YOU KYLE WALKER! DAMN YOU AND YOUR... PANTSLESSNESS! HAHA! JK! I totally support this holiday! :) LIVE FREE LIVE PANTSLESS! Kailee said: Coal City may be a small town but we've got ambition! No Pants Day, here we come! What better way to brighten your day than to see one of your friends with no pants? I'm with Corey... let's do this! Dan Hutchings said: This holiday is amusing, but that does not give you an excuse to walk all over the dress code. I personally guarantee that every student who comes to school without pants will keep me company in my office until his or her parent to brings proper clothing to school. If you want to go pants-free in the privacy of your own home, be my guest. But I will not tolerate that in mine. Dan Hutchings Dean / Athletic Director Katie Crawford said: ok lol this is muah...and i was just wondering if that was seriously hutch or not...i mean im all for the no pants...but i wasnt really planning on doing it anyway...god love yall that is doing it... its pretty funny....ok well luv yaz....goodluck with that :-D Corey said: im not scared of you hutch. ill spend an hour in your office, as long as im not wearing pants. you can see my erection. You can decide... said: I now have a bigger opinion on this no pants day. If that is seriously Mr. Hutchings who posted that comment... I don't think that's right. For a teacher to come on this website... and threaten kids and their no pantness. What kind of role model is that? An authority figure threating our children not only at school, but online? Kids... I say, "Live free and proud." You know... "authority figures" saying that they can't do this... is just making them want to do it more. Be careful. Speaking on the Better Behalf said: The funny thing is... it\'s not going to violate the dress code. The boxers that the students will be wearing will be past their fingers. Distraction to class? I don\'t think so. What\'s distracting is when the school has a hat day, or a dress up day. This is a holiday and you cannot change that. Rae Buckler said: seriosuly all of you fags need to grow old are you....seriously people come on....... Derek Chapin said: How dumb can you be i hope everyone who comes to school with no pants gets a detention and hopefully you get yelled at and made fun of all day bc i know i will be making fun of ppl too honestly its so dumb wow are you 5 years old Becky said: Gosh... get a sense of humor in you guys, will ya? I'm gunna laugh at you Der
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Green/Black Jockey
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cheap peace t shirts