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flights to luxor
  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight
  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace
  • (flight) fly in a flock; "flighting wild geese"
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  • A city in eastern Egypt, on the eastern bank of the Nile River; pop. 142,000. The site of ancient Thebes, it contains the ruins of a temple built by Amenhotep III and of monuments erected by Ramses II
  • Luxor (in Arabic: ?????? al-Uq?ur) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. The population numbers 487,896 (2010 estimate), (retrieved 2010-7-27) with an area of approximately .
  • a city in central Egypt on the east bank of the Nile that is a center for visitors to the ruins of and around Thebes
  • Luxor is a solo album by Robyn Hitchcock, released in March 2003 on Hitchcock's own Editions PAF! label.
flights to luxor - Luxor 5:
Luxor 5: Anniversary Edition
Luxor 5: Anniversary Edition
Celebrate 5 years of Luxor with an all-new, marble-shooting adventure! Get ready to wield your winged-scarab shooter in an all-new Luxor, the #1 action-puzzle game of all time! Navigate your shooter to ensure matches of three or more-fire colored balls into the advancing chain of colored spheres to eliminate them before they destroy the pyramids. Unlock all 20 achievements as you collect Ankh coins for extra lives and catch falling treasures for big bonus points. Save ancient Egypt in the 100-level Adventure mode, or test your accuracy in all-new Blast mode-the 2-minute timed mode that challenges you to rack up the points. Or play through People's Choice mode, where we give you 15 of players' favorites levels from Luxor 2, Luxor 3 and Quest for the Afterlife! Master four new power-ups: the powerful Double Shooter, the devastating Black Hole, the ruinous Spiker Ball, and the deathly Lead Barrage. Outfitted with 25 all-new backgrounds and pathways, Luxor Fifth Passage also introduces the Eye of Horus-click the button when you're in a real jam to eliminate all remaining spheres. And, for the true Luxor Pharaoh, an Insane difficulty level to test your marble-shooting skills! Celebrate 5 years of Luxor's reign in the 5th Passage!

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Cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the SS Sudan, last steamship on the Nile
Cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the SS Sudan, last steamship on the Nile
August 10th, 2000 : two dreamers take off in an EgyptAir flight, destination Luxor. They commercialise voyages and have found a new project to start an enchanting cruise line on the Nile River. Their first mission is to find a ship! They had 40 ships to choose from in a matter of 2 days: this was in vain however! None of them corresponded to the concept they were looking for. Too big, too heavy, too new, too unattractive… Nothing was really acceptable. August 13th, 2000 : Dinner in Cairo with a ship owner, the two friends explain their setbacks, the ship owner proposes one last visit, but it's late (1:30 a.m.) and they plan to leave for Paris that very morning. The visit is hence a nocturnal visit. 2:15 a.m : the two associates discover an half wreckage floating on an unused wharf. In the divergent beam of light from the torches appears the name S.S. Sudan on the calendar of the paddle wheel. The visit is fast. "This ships is incredible, it's everything we're looking for, we'll take it, right? - You're crazy, it's wreckage. - Oh come on', it's not that bad. Okay it's old and unkempt. Look at the wood, it's teak, you can renovate it… Try to imagine it remade, repainted, waxed, furnished. - You really think so? What about the motor, does it still work? - A motor is a motor. I'm sure we can repair it. - How old is the ship?" The Ship owner : "About a hundred years old, we filmed some scenes from the film, Death on the Nile, on it. - That's great, it has a history. Do you think it can be renovated? Here in Egypt? - If it were a house, I would say yes right away. A ship however is something I never did. We should look at how much it is going to cost." 3:30 a.m. that same night : a study on the possibility of renovation, the costs, the time needed, and all is decided. An audit would be handled by a naval engineer. The verdict: "It's complicated but doable! We need to manufacture some parts for the motor, primarily the connecting rod because it's in a bad state and has to be replaced. The hull isn't suffering and that's the essential." We needed six months to work on the ship. The woodwork was restored. The optimist was right; teak never suffers on the inside of the wood. *A little bit of finesse needed to find period furniture in Cairo, many documents and old photographs used to research the decorating details and to restore the lustre to the cooper pots, woodwork, and china. The Egyptian workers happily worked to restore a part of their history. Spring 2001 : The steamship takes her first trip and the brass paddle wheel is in the water again and on the Nile River: The Sudan is reborn. She is going to see her old friends, the Winter Palace and the Old Cataract. Agatha Christie didn't board the ship again, but no one could stop you from getting some shade from Hercule Poirot. Buses have replaced donkeys for transporting visitors, the cruise has been reduced to the section of Cairo to Luxor, but the idea remains intact. A cruise on The Sudan is still unlike anything else.
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petra 8
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flights to luxor
flights to luxor
MumboJumbo Luxor: The King's Collection (4 Game Pack) Puzzle for Windows for All Ages
4 LUXOR Games in 1 Collection
Product Information
The pyramids of Ancient Egypt are calling! Your quest begins with the original, groundbreaking LUXOR in the The King's Collection, but can you conquer them all Battle through 264 explosive levels of action puzzle games. Features exciting power-ups, addictive game play, and stunning graphics.

LUXOR Amun Rising
LUXOR Mahjong

Take a thrilling adventure across the Land of Ancient Egypt with LUXOR, a puzzle mega hit. As addictive as it is exciting, LUXOR provides hours of action-puzzle excitement as you journey through 88 mind-blowing levels in your quest to save Egypt. Use the mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres and destroy the approaching colored spheres by making matches of three or more. Stop them all before they reach the pyramids...or all of Egypt is doomed!
88 challenging levels
Innovative gameplay
Original music score
Exciting power-ups
Individualized personal profiles

LUXOR Amun Rising
Glory and Adventure await as you return to save Ancient Egypt from certain doom in LUXOR: Amun Rising, the sequel to the runaway hit action-puzzle game. This time, you must defeat the rebellious Princes of Megiddo before they overthrow the Pharaoh and plunge the Two Lands into chaos! Once again, the challenge will not be an easy one as you battle through 88 awesome, all-new levels. You must use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres, making matches of three or more to destroy the approaching colored spheres. Stop them all before they can reach the Pyramids at the ends of the path... or all of Egypt is do ...