ETFO's ICT Conference: Innovative Creative Teaching Through Technology
The Best of the Best Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom
Presenters:  Trish Morgan (patricia_morgan@wrdsb.on.ca)  and  Susan Watt (susan_watt@wrdsb.on.ca)

Workshop Description:  Web 2.0 tools help teachers facilitate online collaboration and creation. In this workshop, we will explore the 'best of the best' for your classroom - websites that will inspire and engage your students and allow you and them to reach out and connect to the world! We will lead participants through a creative process that is easily adaptable to any subject area or grade level.

Workshop Agenda:  On the Session B and Session C links listed in the sidebar to the left, you will find the agenda for each of today's sessions,, as well as links to examples of each Web 2.0 tool that we have created for the workshop.

A List of Web 2.0 Favs:  On the Web 2.0 Favs page in the sidebar to the left, you will find links to the homepages of the Web 2.0 tools we will be exploring, categorized by type of application. These are the links that you will use to set up activities for your own students. 

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