The Greening of Reference

Hybrid Print and Electronic Resources for 2009

501 Great Artists
Stephen Farthing, general editor
Barron's Educational Series, Inc. ISBN 0764161334
From ancient times to modern day, this concise and lushly illustrated chronological guide paints vivid pictures of the colorful lives and significant works of 501 of the world's most influential artists.

Abortion in the United States: A Reference Handbook
Dorothy E. McBride
ABC-CLIO. ISBN 1598840983
Here is a rich and well-balanced source. Opposing views, primary source documents, current state regulations, facts, data and abortion organizations all contribute to the enhancement of this source.

Almanac of New York City
Kenneth T. Jackson and Fred Kameny, editors
Columbia University Press. ISBN 0231140622
Where are the deadliest intersections for pedestrians in NYC? Which dog breeds do New Yorkers prefer? Most popular baby names in NYC? Take a bite out of this fact-filled almanac and enjoy fascinating and insightful details about the Big Apple and fellow New Yorkers!

The Art Atlas
John Onians, editor
Abbeville Press, Inc. ISBN 0789209616
Loaded with colorful maps and beautiful photographs, The Art Atlas traces the evolution of art and art movements through the geographical, political and cultural changes in societies across the globe and throughout the ages.

Atlas of the Real World: Mapping the Way We Live
Daniel Dorling, Mark Newman, and Anna Barford
Thames & Hudson. ISBN 0500514259
A compelling reference of demographic and geographic data on hundreds of subjects from population, wealth and occupation to how many toys we import and who eats their vegetables. Presented in a vibrant manner by the use of colorful digitally modified maps known as cartograms.

Black Past Remembered and Reclaimed
An excellent online source that covers major events, people, and primary source documents, and includes multimedia relating to African American history. Highly recommended. The Official Business Link to the US Government
This is a well-organized, comprehensive and easy-to-use site that provides a wealth of business information nationwide. Registration, license, permits and laws make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Chronologies of Modern Terrorism
Barry M. Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin
M. E. Sharpe. ISBN 0765620472
As national security and terrorism are at the forefront of our nation's agenda, this chronology of domestic and foreign terrorism history and activity, dating back to 1586, makes a timely and significant reference.

The Encyclopedia of Drug Abuse
Esther Gwinnell and Christine A. Adamec
Facts on File. ISBN 0816063303
A very comprehensive source which covers both legal and illegal drug use. An interesting introduction with appendices that provide coverage on current state laws.

Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena
J. Gordon Melton
Visible Ink Press. ISBN 1578592097
This encyclopedia explores unusual and unexplained physical events, apparitions, and other phenomena. It is alphabetically arranged and includes more than 100 illustrations.

Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics
Lynne E. Ford, editor
Facts on File. ISBN 0816054916
Comprising principal U.S. political and social reform movements, this encyclopedia profiles women largely from the 19th and 20th centuries, and serves as a well-grounded introduction for those who want to learn about women's roles in American politics.

"Hello, we are conducting a survey..." how many of us have been interrupted by this telephone call at dinner time? Check out to see where your fellow Americans stand on issues such as the economy, the war in Iraq, and other pressing issues.

Google Maps
The Google maps website provides aerial and satellite views of your destination, in addition to public transportation and walking directions. The panoramic "street views" feature enables you to zoom in and out.

Gov Gab
Packed with useful and relevant tips and hints on everything from consumer fraud to the financial bailout to going green, Gov Gab discusses and links to helpful information from across the government spectrum.

Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely
National Geographic Society
National Geographic Ventures. ISBN 1426202768
This practical green living guide is the go-to reference for facts, tips and best practices on creating environmentally responsible households and communities, covering from the way we grow and eat food, how we furnish and clean our homes to choosing modes of transportation and transforming our habits in the workplace.

HITE: Health Information Tool for Empowerment
Are there programs to help me stop smoking? Is there an agency to deliver meals to my homebound mother? This vital website is packed with community-based programs for low income/uninsured/under-insured New Yorkers, covering a wide-range of issues from substance abuse to self-help/support groups to mental health.

This go-to website for DIYers offers step-by-step, user-created content that easily and visually explains how to make just about anything from building a digital microscope to sewing in a zipper. Collaborative commentary by members helps clarify, enhance and update these useful and informative posted projects.

Mango Languages
Check your local library website
Estudiar! Apprenez! Sprechen Sie! Choose from a dozen languages and learn by listening to native speakers and engaging in the interactive lessons offered through this user-friendly language instruction tool.

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online
This new online resource includes more than 20,000 terms with full definitions and more than 6,000 detailed illustrations of a wide variety of objects from all aspects of life, and is browsable by 15 themes (house, food and kitchen, science, etc.)

New York Heritage Digital Collections
New York Heritage is the entryway into free searchable and browsable digital collections showcasing New York State's extensive history. This cooperative effort by libraries, museums and archives throughout the state now numbers over 160 collections that include letters, diaries, photographs, newspapers and more.

Office of Minority Health
A one-stop treasure of health topics and statistical data on minority groups covering cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality and a host of other subjects.

The Oxford Companion to the American Musical: Theatre, Film, and Television
Thomas Hischak
Oxford University Press. ISBN 0195335333
You'll be singing the praises of this pitch perfect reference book that skillfully dances through the history of American musicals from stage to screen. Starring A-Z entries featuring famous people, inspired shows and show-stopping hits, this compendium deserves an emphatic Bravo!

Population Reference Bureau
This complementary website, managed by the nonprofit organization PRB, analyzes demographic data and provides timely, objective population information for educators, students, policymakers, and the general public in uncomplicated terms.

Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources: A Reference Handbook
Zachary A. Smith and Katrina D. Taylor
ABC-CLIO. ISBN 1598840894
This thorough book provides historical and current information on renewable and alternative energy options from a global perspective. Eight chapters include biographical sketches, scientific facts and statistics, international economic data, and directories to agencies, organizations and institutes.

The Sciencebook: Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It Works
Matthias Delbrück, National Geographic Society, et al.
National Geographic. ISBN 1426203373
Discover and explore this all-things science book which uncovers the Universe, Earth, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Technology and Mathematics. A stellar compilation of topics ranging from celestial discovery to living organisms to climate changes.

Best of Reference is an annual list of books, websites, and electronic resources selected by a committee of librarians for their usefulness in branch reference collections. Selection criteria include value and appropriateness for community library collections, organization of materials, style of presentation, and authority of authors and editors.

These sources were selected by the following committee from the staff of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), The New York Public Library (NYPL) and Queens Library (QL):

Members of the Committee:

Rachel Bernstein, BPL 
Jennifer Gellmann, BPL 
Charlene Gwizdala, Chair, QL 
Gina Halkias-Seugling, NYPL 
Hyacinth Persad, NYPL 
Bibi R. Shakoor, QL 

With special thanks to:
Lauren Lampasone, Advisor, NYPL
Jennifer Zarr, Advisor, NYPL
New York Library Association
Reference & Adult Services Section