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New Living Expo

Welcome to the BEST OF EXPO Awards Program.
Press Release: The 3nd Annual BEST of EXPO Awards program returns to the New Living Expo in San Francisco April 27 - 29th  2012

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2012 San Francisco New Living Expo April 29-May 1st 
Connecting Community through Mind, Body & Spirit
Imagine a World of Infinite Possibilities

SEE BELOW for 2011 BEST of EXPO Exhibitor Nomination Form Download PDF

San Francisco (March, 2011) – In this erratic economy it's reassuring to know that the money you spend on your weekend entertainment will be going to sustainable living products, empowering speakers, cutting edge doctors, scientists, independent vendors and small business owners that are environmentally conscious and are giving back to the planet.

The New Living Expo is a signature event in the Bay Area, bringing together cutting edge Exhibitors, Speakers and Lecturers. Not only will attendees be able to mingle with like minded people, but they will be able to enhance their own self-growth by being with the experts connected with evolving human empowerment and global community.

For the second year in a row, NLE is proud to welcome back the independent BEST of EXPO Awards competition, which last year was a huge success.  

Click here to view the 2010 New Living Expo winners. The BEST of EXPO award is an independent and prestigious endorsement of your organization and the quality of the products and services your company offers and produces. If you are striving to stand out for excellence, receiving our award raises the bar across all aspects of recognizing your business and provides you with ways to benchmark against top performers in the industry. Submitting an entry provides your organization with the opportunity to showcase to the market your nomination and enables your business to measure performance and identify its core strengths. Winning BEST of EXPO can become a valuable resource of evidence and endorsement that can be put to good use in a variety of communications, creating opportunities for publicity, positive business profiling and heightened awareness along with credibility within your niche. Winning can bring wide acclaim from the broader market.The Awards are an opportunity for products sold in North America by companies to gain that competitive advantage by having their achievements recognized while highlighting their best products and services. The selected organizations are eligible to publicize their achievement and display the BEST of EXPO winners mark on the marketing and promotional materials of their award winning products and services. 

The New Living Expo will have over 300 booths vendors selling mind, body and spirit enhancing gifts, books, and services that celebrate and improve your health and contribute to a friendly environment. Local artisans will be selling precious and semiprecious jewelry and a vast amount of handmade items. You will even find an array of earth friendly gifts for under $25.00.  You will definitely want to check out our BEST of EXPO award nominee booths and winners!

Attend the New Living Expo and see world renowned speakers, celebrities, scientists and doctors including; Daryl Hannah actress, with Julia Butterfly Hill, political & social activist, Gregg Braden, Caroline Casey, visionary activist astrologer, Dick Gregory, renown comedian who will use his wit and humor to advance his deep interest in civil rights and world peace and hundreds more. 

Join us as we participate in the transformation of our societies, consciously and in a sustainable uplifting way.
To enter the BEST of EXPO awards competition you must first fill out a nomination form (see below) or 
you can request one by email.  Please write to: Editor@GreenPresswire.com
 Judging:      Friday April 29th 3:00-10:00pm
Awards:       Saturday April 30th 10:00 - 9:00 pm 
Expo Close: Sunday May 1st 10:00 - 8:00 pm
 Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St (at Brannan) San Francisco
 General admission (includes workshops, panels, and lectures) One day pass - $15, 2-day pass $20, or $25 for a 3 day pass for the entire weekend. We offer free admission to anyone 20 years of age and under. Special events are extra.
 You can purchase tickets for the expo, and special events by going to www.newlivingexpo.com or 
call the office 415-382-8300
 415-382-8300 * info@newlivingexpo.com * www.newlivingexpo.com
 For more information or to arrange speaker interviews, please contact 415-382-8300

2011 New Living Expo



Best Overall / Item Packaging / Display Case                 Beauty / Cosmetics / Skincare / Cleansers / Soaps / Bed & Bath / Spa / Shampoos / etc                Best Beverage (non alcohol) Juice / Soda / Waters                    Botanicals / Herbs / Medicinals / Oils / Teas  

C3 Category / Cheese / Chocolate / Coffee                    Dietary / Diet (Weight Management) (Diabetes,etc)   Health & Happy Theme - Natural Lifestyle etc        Hemp Materials or Marijuana Peripherals                                  Home Products / Cleaning / Decor / Practical

Free / Gluten Free / Sugar Free / Other Related            Pet Foods, Medicines and Supplies                                  Private Label / Contract Manufacturing                Product Development and Design                                                  Professional Practice / Therapeutic

Progressive Marketing, Causes, etc                               Rebrands / New Lines / Reformulations                        Standard Grocery / Meals & Beverages              Super Nutrition / Functional / Anti-Aging                                   Raw Foods / Wild Sourced

Specialty / Import / Ethnic / Cultural / Delights           Sports or Recreation Related                                        Vegetarian / Vegan / Macrobiotic / Etc              Vitamins / Supplements / Minerals / Nutraceuticals                Wine, Beer and Spirits 

Download PDF Nomination Form for your Booth, Product or Company Service
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Mar 18, 2011, 2:57 PM