Cooking Up Trouble : Thai Cooking Video.

Cooking Up Trouble

cooking up trouble
    cooking up
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  • a source of difficulty; "one trouble after another delayed the job"; "what's the problem?"
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365/247 Cooking up some trouble ~or~ After the brawl.
365/247 Cooking up some trouble ~or~ After the brawl.
118 days to go. 118 more ideas to cook up. I have taken TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN pictures of myself or some part of me for the last 247 days straight. Some days are full of inspiration and quantum leaps in my skills/abilities. Some days are nothing but pure shite. Some days I have a fantastic idea that doesn't work. Some days I haven't got the foggiest idea what to do and I pull out an amazing shot. Most days, I learn something. I have noticed that I haven't reverted to a photobooth pic in quite some time now, I do believe that's progress. Pretty much every day I reach that moment when I think to myself "Self, what are we doing for 365 today?" uggh. I'M OUT OF IDEAS!! *About the state of my kitchen* I've never been a candidate for "Good Housekeeping." I am in fact, rather a slob. Add 4 kids who also lean toward slob hood, and a poor husband who can't clean up after the rest of us due to time constraints... and what you get is a very lived in house. HOWEVER, last night there were TWENTY (give or take one or two) young'uns (in their late teens, early 20s) at my house for a Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney. Much fun was had, much mess was made... and my son won the tourney. Me? I stayed in my room and played with Photoshop :oD I only play Guitar Hero or Rock Band with them. ps.. LAMPIST INFO: -One oven light (covered with oven grime) -One small kitchen window with cloudy skies outside.
cooking up trouble
cooking up trouble
This was for a Disney themed contest. We went with "Ratatouille." It's 11pm and my model is still cooking with a rat on her head, showing no interest in bedtime now. On another note, one my beloved children dumped about 10oz of milk on my camera today. Thank goodness, all seems ok!

cooking up trouble
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