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Cooking Award Certificates

cooking award certificates
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Students awarded for the best fire safety posters
Students awarded for the best fire safety posters
Red Cloud Fire Department presented awards to 12 winners of the Fire Prevention Week Poster contest Oct. 26 at the Indianhead School and Oct. 27 at International Christian School. John Cook, Directorate of Emergency Service fire chief, also gave certificates to the students who attended the fire safety demonstrations at the fire department during Fire Prevention Week this year. USAG-Red Cloud Pear Blossom Cottage parents helped choose the winners of the contests. Among the 120 posters, which were submitted, they selected the best piece in each grade group. The contest was a part of Fire Prevention Week activities organized by the USAG- Fire Department. Its purpose is to enhance fire safety awareness of young students and put out safety messages effectively. To conclude the award ceremony, the Red Cloud firefighters played a videotape, which emphasized the importance of fire escape plans. Also, the children and teachers expressed appreciation to the firefighters for providing various safety classes every year.
Elgin County Library- Long Service Awards, 1972
Elgin County Library- Long Service Awards, 1972
Title: Two employees of the Elgin County Public Library were honored with long-service awards at the annual meeting of the library's board of directors in January 1972. Miss Ruth M. Prowse, (second from left), 22 years on the library staff and Mrs. Thelma Greenfield, (second from right), a 14-year employee, were awarded certificates by the Elgin County Council, in recognition of their service. Elgin Warden Doug Todd, (left), and library board chairman, Dave Cook, (right), are shown presenting the awards. Creator(s): St. Thomas Times-Journal Bygone Days Publication Date: January 27, 2011 Original Publication Date: January 13, 1972 Reference No.: C8 Sh5 B2 F12 10 Credit: Elgin County Archives, St. Thomas Times-Journal fonds

cooking award certificates
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