Recover login password for tplink wireless router

When you forgot your tplink wifi router login password, you can’t access your tplink wifi router settings page from your device. When you forgot http// password, you can easily recover your lost password using the steps that you find from this article. This article will help thousands of people who forgot tplink login password for wireless settings. 

1.     Access tplink wifi router login page from a computer device.

2.     After that click on “Advanced” button.

3.     There you can select “System Tools” tab.

4.     After that select “Password Recovery” button that you will find under the “Administration” sharing for tplink wireless router.

5.     Click on “enable password recovery” button.

6.     When you click on this option you can enable the password recovery for tplink wifi router devices.

When you enable this password recovery option, you can get your password easily in future. When you do not understand all these steps then you will need to reset your device to all default settings.

·        Find reset button from the tplink wifi router device and press this button for at least 10 seconds.

·        Once your device is reset to all default settings, you can access http // using “admin” as user name and “password” as your login password.

These are steps to use when you reset your device to all default settings and you need to access your device login page. When you choose a new password for your device, you must note this password somewhere. When you use same password for tplink wifi router login and wifi access password that is also not suggested because this will insecure your device settings.