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Discount Biking Shorts

discount biking shorts
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discount biking shorts - Liquicell® Canyon
Liquicell® Canyon Baggy ATB Men's Large Black Cycling Shorts
Liquicell® Canyon Baggy ATB Men's Large Black Cycling Shorts
New Pair of Liquicell® Canyon Baggy ATB Mens Cycling Shorts . Mens Size Large, Color: Black. The next wave in comfort technology. Great looking with a great fit, durable 100% nylon outer shell and lining with a polyester pad over a Liquicell® insert. Liquicell® is an advanced liquid interface technology that dramatically reduces pain and discomfort by protecting parts of the body from shear force (friction), pressure and shock. Two side pockets and a rear pocket with Velcro closure, elastic waist with a nylon adjustable belt make for a great looking, truly comfortable baggy short. Mens' Size: Large Color: Black Shell 100% Nylon Liner: Padded Polyester/spandex w/Liquicell® insert Adjustable nylon removable belt Side cargo pocket with Velcro closure Rear pocket with Velcro closure Inseam: 10" Waist to bottom of leg: 20.5"

84% (19)
mobile phone ad with plaid skirt
mobile phone ad with plaid skirt
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The Eleventh Weekend
The Eleventh Weekend
So Saturday we woke up and decided to get married. Actually it had been in the works for some time. Technically planning had started a year or so ago. It was kind of a hectic day but well worth it. We showed up at Stanley Park at 9 and were really worried as there was some foot race going on. Turns out it was going to be over by 10-10:30. The wedding was planned for 11:30. Since we didn't think to steal the moving skateboard (Think a plank with swivel wheels on it) I had to hump 5 coolers about 500m. Ugh. As we moved the stuff down, Brandi helped the lighter coolers, there was a crazy couple yelling about stolen things, "this is the last time I swear I'm going to leave!!" and various swearing going on. We hoped they would be gone by the time the wedding started and they were. Julia Ko was the first to arrive on her little folding bike followed by the Nicholls' and then Matty and Pieter. I stole Pieter to run up to Baguette Time for the sandwiches. They were all good to go. Many more people had shown up by now including the Justice of the Peace who I had to retrieve from hiding near the firetruck which was our designated meeting place. After a short ceremony we all dug into the picnic lunch. Various people wandered away and the O'Hagans and Lukans went off to the pool chirping "best wedding ever" because they could go swimming. We packed up and headed back to our place, ordered some sushi and settled down for food and games. People broke at 10 and we checked out our wedding photos and uploaded for an hour and a half. Also I forgot to mention that Isobel slept from 8 until 3:30 the night before. It's like she knew we needed a good rest before hand. Maybe I should tell her we're getting married every day so she sleeps better. We also didn't tell parents we were getting married but we did hear Brandi's parents calling a couple of times, noting that the initial wedding photos had been viewed a couple times we assumed that they knew we got married. Sunday we cleaned up and headed off to swimming. Met up with Angel and Mike and Julia for some swimming fun. One of the life guards was not in so we had to wait a bunch before their replacement showed up. We got discount admission as a result. After swimming we headed to Thai away Home for yummy Thai food and basically just chilled there for a while during which Isobel napped. When she woke up we headed home to feed her, Angel met up with a friend and drove off, Mike and Julia headed off for some dinner plans and we went home to make calls to other people who were not yet aware (my family and such). Now it's time for bed...I'm feeling quite sleepy which is strange for this early...perhaps it's the two butt savagings that Brandi served me playing Dominion before bed.

discount biking shorts
discount biking shorts
Louis Garneau Alveo 3K Short - Men's Black, L
Sure, the Louis Garneau Alveo 3K Short shows the girls what you have going on, but it's also a high-performance, 10-paneled short designed for every-day cycling. Squeeze into the Alveo 3K Short each time you ride your bike, and don't lose the support you need to really move. Airzone chamois lets the hottest part of your body vent, while the seamless inner thighs keep friction at a minimum. The Alveo 3K's ergonomic fit stays true through years of use, and the reflective back and front logos offer the visibility you need on early morning rides to work.

Product Features
Material: , 83% nylon, 17% lycra
Fit: slim
Inseam: 9.25 in
Chamois Thickness:
Removable Chamois:
SPF Rating: 50
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: road biking, cycling
Manufacturer Warranty: