Chariot Corsaire Xl Bike Trailer

chariot corsaire xl bike trailer
    bike trailer
  • A bicycle trailer is a motorless wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo by bicycle. It can greatly increase a bike's cargo capacity, allowing point-to-point haulage of objects up to 4 cubic yards (3 cubic meters) in volume that weigh as much as half-a-ton.
  • A four-wheeled carriage with back seats and a coachman's seat
  • transport in a chariot
  • A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in ancient warfare and racing
  • a light four-wheel horse-drawn ceremonial carriage
  • A stately or triumphal carriage
  • a two-wheeled horse-drawn battle vehicle; used in war and races in ancient Egypt and Greece and Rome
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chariot corsaire xl bike trailer - Burley Bee
Burley Bee Bike Trailer
Burley Bee Bike Trailer
The Bee is our most basic trailer, which we love for its simplicity. It's made specifically for those looking to bike on a budget, without sacrificing safety. At only twenty pounds, it is especially forgiving on your calf muscles. The Bee comes with padded, mesh seating, wheel guards and a recessed helmet pocket - and also conveniently doubles as an ice-cream parlor, spaceship or extremely cool fort.

Burley's most basic bike trailer, the Burley Bee is made specifically for cyclists looking to bike on a budget without sacrificing safety. The Bee is comfortable and secure, with such features as a padded, hammock-style seat, a lightweight aluminum frame, and a five-point harness system. The trailer's clear windows, meanwhile, include a UV inhibitor to protect your child from sun exposure. And although it's designed primarily to transport your child, the trailer also includes an interior storage pocket with a water bottle slot. Other features include a folding frame for easy storage, wheel guards, a safety flag, a 20-inch quick-release composite rim, and a two-in-one water-repellent cover that's stain- and mildew-resistant. All Burley trailers meet and exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety requirements.
Capacity: 1 or 2 children, 100 pounds
Fabric: 600D polyester
Pockets: Interior pocket with water bottle slot
Seat: Hammock style with 5-point harness system
Cover: 2-in-1 all-weather cover
Safety flag: Yes
Parking brake: No
Folding frame: Yes
Folded dimensions: 35 by 30 by 12 inches (W x H x D)
Weight: 20 pounds
About Burley Design
Burley Design has been the leader in child bicycle trailer design for nearly 30 years and has earned a strong reputation for high quality, superior design, safety, and trailer strength. Burley's testing and safety standards are among the most rigorous in the industry, and their designs provide a high level of child comfort in an aerodynamic and lightweight trailer. Burley's trailers are all made from lightweight aluminum tubing and covered with a stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and water-repelling polyester, high-quality fabric. The geometry of each trailer is specifically tuned to reduce the weight on the connecting hitch, while at the same time providing an even balance point over the trailer wheels. This minimizes the load on the bicycle to maximize handling and ensure an extremely stable and secure ride.
The stylish designs are also functional with large windows, a comfortable suspended hammock-style seat that minimizes the bumps in the road, and a generous storage compartment to enable you to do it all and enjoy time with family, exercise, and run errands all at the same time. Burley trailers store easily with a quick fold and easy-to-remove wheels. You can store it in a garage, hang it indoors, or put it easily into the trunk of a car. With easy-to-use jogger or stroller options, Burley trailers can convert for a run, a stroll in the park, or a cycling adventure.

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bike Trailer
bike Trailer
- Removed seat, front wheel, handlebars and stem from Kent Stinger. - Added two one-inch stems and MTB bars and a one inch fork. The fork is held onto a Blackburn rack with a quick release. This arrangement worked, but not very well. Improvements appear in later pics. Stem arrangement offsets the trailer to the right a little bit. Watch those curbs! Pulled the Kent Stinger (Big Wheel knockoff) out of the dumpster a while ago thinking "that's almost a bike trailer!" Well I finally made it happen today. I had to steal a fork from a perfectly functional crappy Novara hybrid, but all others are spare parts. Now to begin the hunt for pneumatic-tired wheels with real bearings! What I wouldn't give for one of those olde mt. bike stems with the dual bar clamps, as well. It would really help get over the speed bumps a little more smoothly. Instead of two clamped down stems, just have a non-clamped stem free to rotate, situated between the two clamps of the olde stem.
bike trailer
bike trailer
Borrowed a bike trailer from El Duke for a run to the recycle centre, also delivered some bike parts to the recyclery for donation. Tows like a dream, really goo feeling to use the bike and a utility device

chariot corsaire xl bike trailer
chariot corsaire xl bike trailer
Chariot Cougar2 Deluxe 2 Child CTS Adventure Carrier (Chassis only) - Red
If you want to bring your two kids jogging, biking, walking, and cross country skiing, but don't want to have to build an extra garage just to store all the strollers, consider the Chariot Carriers Cougar 2 Stroller. The Cougar 2 is a chassis (front wheel and kits not included).*Only Available for Shipment to Lower 48 States.

Product Features
Material: [frame] aluminum anodized; [body] mesh, fleece, 600 denier polyester
Stroller Dimensions: 45 x 32.7 x 37.6 in
Folded Dimensions: 42 x 31.5 x 11.8 in
Interior Chassis Dimensions:
Storage Capacity:
Pockets: 1 rear storage bag
Rain Hood: yes, sun/rain hood
Sun Shade:
Foot Brake: yes
Hand Brake: no
Manufacturer-Recommended Child Weight: 100 lbs
Manufacturer-Recommended Child Age:
Weight: 27.6 lbs
Recommended Use: chassis for jogging, hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime