Bicycle Mag Rims

bicycle mag rims
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bicycle mag rims - Aeromax Alloy
Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels
Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels
Hand Built 700c
Comp Aero Max Aluminum Road Bike Wheelset

Compatible with Shimano 7,8,9 and 10spd cassette's.
Wheels come with rim strip and Alloy XRP or Vuelta skewers
Every spoke is tension tested with a DT Swiss Gauge
serviceable ZEROLITE by VUELTA ball bearings
hand built
every wheel is stressed 3 times
trued to a tolerance 0.3 for road
These 700c clincher wheels are great for around town, daily training rides or racing.Comparable wheels sell in bikes shops around the country for $275 to $300. Wheel Spec's:
Freehub Type:Shimano 7,8,9 and 10spd ( note: 7 speed will need spacer)
Colors: white
24 spoke aero double wall alloy rims, machined sidewalls
Stainless Steel Black aero 3.0mm spokes
Patented 2-left/2-right spoke pattern
Spacing: front 100mm, rear 130mm
Axle Length: front 110mm, rear 140mm
Weight: Front 873g / Rear 1158g / Pair 2031g

86% (9)
My two favorite childhood vehicles.
My two favorite childhood vehicles.
For Christmas, my sister scanned several hundred old photos and organized thousands of prints into albums for my parents. I used several of her scans to make them a "life poster." These are a few of my favorite photos that were dug up in the process. This bike was so f'ing sweet, man. It was a Mike Dominguez signature model by Diamond Back. God I loved that bike. Check those mag rims! That's some old school goodness any way you look at it. And the Mustang was pretty sweet, too. Oh, and don't miss the sweet-ass Vans I'm kickin'.
Cervelo R3
Cervelo R3
My Cervelo R3 58cm, changes made by me include: - My old black Fizik Arione saddle - Replacing the Dura-ace faceplates on the shifters - Shortening the stem to a FSA OS150 carbon faceplate - Grammo Cobra carbon bars - Black Fizik bar tape. - Trek Bat cage - Shimano R700 compact front crank 172.5mm and Dura-ace BB - Speedplay Zero CSC Stainless steel pedals - Wheelworks wheels (Tune Mig/Mag Hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, Sapim red nipples, Niobium 30 rims) - Continental GP4000S 700x23 tyres.

bicycle mag rims
bicycle mag rims
WTB Speeddisc All MTN Bicycle Rim (26-Inch, 32-Hole, Black)
WTB SpeedDisc Rims feature pinned/sleeved joint and eyelet spoke holes.
International Bead Seat (IBS) - two raised bumps on the interior of the rim that keep the tire's bead from being pulled away from the hook during heavy lateral loading
All WTB rims that use the International Bead Seat (IBS) should use an 11mm rim strip
Item Specifications
Intended UseMountain
Hub Drilling32spokes
Rim Depth17.9mm
Brake CompatibilityDisc Only
Manufacturer Spec ERD541mm
ISO Diameter559 / 26" mtn
Valve LengthShort 32-40mm
Wheel Size26"
Tire TypeClincher
Rim Center Offset0mm
Rim MaterialAlloy
Rim JointPinned/Sleeved
Brake TrackN/A
Defined ColorBlack
Internal Rim Width21mm