Freeproxy is a proxy server for use on Windows. You can get a copy from Handcrafted Software


Freeproxy uses its own banlist file format. You can import lists of URL/IPs address but if you want them split by category then it becomes more cumbersome. Freeproxy can't import lists of Banned sites in Squid's format.

To solve this I have looked at the file format using a byte viewer (in this case xxxx, altough byte viewers tend to be very similar in functionality). As a result some useful tools are listed below.

My understanding of the banlist file format is not complete. However, in testing the banlists I have created have worked successully. 


An exe which asks for the directory containing the banlist files in Squid Guard format. It will then create a freeproxy banlist. This exe was created using the freeware program AutoIt and the source code is below.
Banlist.blf A banlist file. This file was creating the exe above and is based on the data provided by the university of Toulouse (which is an expanded version of the Squid Guard data).

A copy of the AutoIt source code for the exe above. If you want to know more about the format of the banlist file so you can create your own program to create banlists this is the place to start.

A spreadsheet (in open office format) containing details of the banlist file format.