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Nikon Camera Tripods

nikon camera tripods
    camera tripods
  • (camera tripod) a tripod used to support a camera
  • Bishop Nikon (Liolin) (born October 9, 1945, New York City) is an Albanian bishop who serves as the head of the Orthodox Church in America's Albanian Archdiocese and New England diocese.
  • ' , also known as Nikon or Nikon Corp.''', is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan specializing in optics and imaging.
  • Vibration Reduction. This is Nikon's nomenclature for a lens which has the ability to correct for "Camera Shake".
nikon camera tripods - TourMate Optical
TourMate Optical 6X Zoom Lens Camera Telescope with Black Back Case For Apple iPad 2 (All Models)
TourMate Optical 6X Zoom Lens Camera Telescope with Black Back Case For Apple iPad 2 (All Models)
Using the iPad 2 to get long shots? We are! That's because we have TourMate - the 6 fold zoom telescope camera lens plus back case. It zooms to allow clear distant views such as watching a football game, attending a concert, touring in some places, examining some wild animals, etc. You might be a journalist who needs it for distant shots. You might be an expert in investigator who takes pictures and sends them out through your iPad 2. Or you just always wonder what the mysterious unknown object is far away looking out of your window at home. Adopting a novel optical design, the telescope avoids contortion of images effectively. It makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography. The telescope camera lens also comes with a companion - a high quality polycarbonate back case for the iPad 2. First you set the telescope on the case, and then snap your iPad 2 in it. You iPad 2 gets protection as well as an ingenious function.

89% (18)
Nikon FM + MD-11 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens
Nikon FM + MD-11 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens
Equipment used: Nikon D90 with Really Right Stuff (RRF) right angle bracket, Nikkor AF-S 70-300 mm lens, Gitzo 2220 tripod, Acratech GV2 gimbal/ball head, Lighting: One Elinchrome FX 400Ri with barn doors, homemade reflectors, Wimberly Plamp. Fired with Skyport radio trigger. About the Nikon FM: The Nikon FM strangely was the first non professional Nikon body to bear the name “Nikon”. Till FM and its companion FE came, the name Nikon was only given to the pro bodies like Nikon F, F2 and the earlier rangefinder cameras. All others were given names like Nikkormat, NIkkorex, etc. The FM is a tough as nails camera with solid state electronics. This camera is a part of my collection. I bought it along with the lens shown for about Rs. 6,000 ($120). My friend Srinivas gifted me the MD-11 motor drive. The whole setup is in excellent shape and is a joy to behold (if you know what I mean :) !). About the photograph: I am continuing my experiments with strobes. The latest ones are on low key photographs and specifically black subject against a black background with edges of the subject properly delineated against a black background. First step was keep the black background (made of black paper) away from the foreground so that the light will not fall the background and spoil the effect. The strobe with two barn doors was angled away from the background so that the light does not fall the on the background. I used a Wimberly Plamp to hold a crinkled aluminum foil on the top to provide light on the top controls (knobs) of FM so that they are separated from the black background. The effect was ok but I had two problems. I was getting a hot spot on the motor grip and the right side was a bit dark. The first I solved by moving the strobe back a bit. The second problems was solved by holding a Styrofoam reflector by hand. This also threw some light on to the lens giving the colors (which came about due to lens coatings - I did nothing else to get the colors). Without this the lens was looking like a hollow tube! Note also the texture of the leather covering the body and the motor drive. Exposure was set basically by using a gray card and then bracketing a bit. A flash meter would have been useful but no money for that now! After listening to Shreesh Karrale in a workshop I decided to try as much as possible to use just one light plus reflectors and gobos. One note: while a print looks more or less the same to everyone, an image on a monitor can look different because a monitor's contrast and brightness will be different from monitor to monitor. I had adjusted the exposure of the image to look on my calibrated monitor such that there is a proper delineation on the right side edges of the camera and at the same time there are no blown highlights anywhere. You may not be able to see exactly the same effect. I just wanted to highlight this. (You can of course adjust your monitor to get the same effect). Sorry for the long story but I thought I will explain my thinking with the hope you will all comment to improve my skills. So, thanks in advance!
Camera Bag 23-09-2010
Camera Bag 23-09-2010
It all fits in their except for the tripod that hangs on the outside. The Sigma 70-200mm f2.8, D90,18-105mm, 50mm, Batteries, Metz, SB-400, hama slave cube, ir-remote, phottix intervalometer and cleaning stuff all fit in the yellow thing. Rest of it fits in the top compartment and still has room for a raincoat and a wallet, thats why this is an awesome bag.

nikon camera tripods
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