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Flip Camera Australia

flip camera australia
  • the smallest continent; between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean
  • (australian) of or relating to or characteristic of Australia or its inhabitants or its languages; "Australian deserts"; "Australian aborigines"
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  • a nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent; Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago; first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colony
  • A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. The modern camera evolved from the camera obscura.
  • A chamber or round building
  • equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)
  • television camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam
  • lightly throw to see which side comes up; "I don't know what to do--I may as well flip a coin!"
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flip camera australia - Cinemin Swivel
Cinemin Swivel Multimedia Pico Projector
Cinemin Swivel Multimedia Pico Projector
Introducing the Cinemin Swivel, the ultra portable multimedia micro projector powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology for ultra clear picture quality. It is designed to work with mobile devices like Apple's popular iPhone, Cinemin takes projection out of boardrooms and movie theaters and into the palm of your hand.

Take projection out of the boardrooms and put it literally in the palm of your hand with the Cinemin Swivel Multimedia Pico Projector by WowWee. This pocket-size projector features Texas Instruments' DLP projection technology and a unique 90-degree hinge that allows you to project onto virtually any surface. Use it to connect to a wide variety of handheld devices--such as the iPod, iPhone, and Flip Video--so that you can project your videos, photos, and more with anyone, at any time.

The Cinemin Swivel offers:
Mid-body 90-degree hinge for adjustable viewing.
Small size and long battery life for easy traveling.
High-contrast, ultra-clear HVGA picture.
Four international adapters for charging abroad.

A 90-degree hinge gives you flexibility to project an image anywhere without having to use a tripod or prop.

Made for iPod and Other Popular Devices
The Cinemin Swivel can be used with your favorite portable media players, including the iPod, iPhone, Flip Video, PSP, digital cameras, portable DVD players, and smartphones with video-out functionality. Not for use with desktop, laptop, or netbook computers. Just connect your device to the Swivels' easy-to-access AV-in jack, and you're ready to project. And with its unique, mid-body 90-degree hinge, the Swivel can project on any surface you can image, such as the ceiling, walls, and floor, without a tripod or prop.
Ultra-clear, High Contrast Picture
Featuring Texas Instruments' DLP projection technology, the Cinemin Swivel produces remarkably clear, high contrast pictures with a resolution of 480 x 320 (HVGA). In a dimly lit environment, the Swivel can project a crisp 60-inch image from over eight feet away, or from the floor to the ceiling in a typical room.
Longer Battery Life
And unlike most other handheld projectors with battery spans of only 60-90 minutes, the Swivel has a rechargeable battery that lasts over two hours--so you'll never have to worry about your movie or slide show being cut short. The Swivel also includes an AC adapter, giving you the option of running it off any standard electrical outlet.
Innovative 90-Degree Swivel Base
The Swivel boasts a one-of-a-kind, stylish 90-degree hinge that makes it easy to project onto the floor, walls, or ceiling without having to use a prop or a tripod. The handheld projector also includes a built-in speaker with adjustable volume and a headphone jack, allowing you to connect your own portable speakers for when you need to crank the volume.
Equipped for International Traveling
Lightweight and compact, the Swivel is perfect for traveling. And because it comes with a stylish, padded carrying case and includes four power adapters for North America, the UK, Europe, and Australia--the Swivel is ideal for your next globetrotting excursion.
By taking projection technology out of boardrooms and literally into the palm of your hand, the Cinemin Swivel lets you enjoy your multimedia collection virtually anywhere, with anyone.
What's in the Box
AC/DC power adapter with four plugs, USB (A) to mini USB (B-5 pin) cable, USB (A) to mini USB (B-4 pin) cable, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable, AV composite to 3.5 mm cable, battery, padded soft case with Velcro flap, and a quick start guide.

The Cinemin Swivel is perfect for karaoke parties, projecting movies onto the ceiling, presenting business ideas, and enjoying home movies.

89% (17)
- Australia Day, 2006. The 35mm lens was testing my courage a bit so I thought I'd take my new 50mm out for a walk. Since I had a bit of success with shooting sunny 16 on a sunny day I thought I'd try my eyes on a cloudy day. I was going to use the camera's meter as a backup reference, but for some reason the needle was way off the chart. So I just tried winging it through the day. When I got home I realised I hadn't engaged the metal flap on the lens mount that couples the lens' aperture ring to the camera. I had a non AI lens on the camera before (the 35mm) and I forgot to flip the flap back up when mounting the 50mm AI lens. So the meter was giving me reading for f1.8. I had 400 film loaded. No wonder it was off the chart. Duh! I felt so stupid. The meter works now of course. This is the only survivor from that roll because there was a thin patch in the clouds and I bracketed one stop on the bright side. Bit of a bummer, but it's great experience. I think if I shot three, may be four, stops brighter I would've been fine. I'm going to keep trying to meter with my eyes. Surely I'll get the hang of it one day, especially with the camera's meter as a guide. It's really funny looking at this photograph now. It kind of sums up how I felt when the one hour lab showed me the photos. Happy snapping everyone.
An action movie
An action movie
I tried using the little Flip movie camera to see what moved beside the creek in Girraween NP. As you watch you can see a number of insects including a bee-fly, Anthrax maculatus which is the dark insect in the lower foreground dancing up and down. Then I come along!

flip camera australia
flip camera australia
Apple Mac Ac Power Adapter US wall plug duck head for iBook iPhone iPod; P/N M8482 A1036 A1021 A1184 A1172 A1003 922-7097 922-5863
The 60 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter features a magnetic DC connector that ensures your power cable will disconnect if it experiences undue strain and helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time. In addition, the magnetic DC helps guide the plug into the system for a quick and secure connection.When the connection is secure, an LED located at the head of the DC connector will light; an amber light lets you know that your portable is charging, while a green light tells you that you have a full charge. An AC cord is provided with the adapter for maximum cord length, while the AC wall adapter (also provided) gives users an even easier and more compact way to travel.

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