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buy camera japan
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buy camera japan - Samsung I9000
Samsung I9000 8 GB Galaxy S Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 5 MP Camera, Android OS, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS and MicroSD Slot - Unlocked Phone - No Warranty - Black
Samsung I9000 8 GB Galaxy S Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 5 MP Camera, Android OS, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS and MicroSD Slot - Unlocked Phone - No Warranty - Black
The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S is packed with so much stuff, you'll always find something new to play with. Smart Alarm: GALAXY S knows how refreshing a natural wake up is compared to the sudden, overbearing, onslaught of noise from a radio station, TV, or other alarm device, with its gradual volume-increasing alarm, gently awaking you from a satisfying sleep, and giving you a natural transition to your morning. Daily Briefing: Before your day begins, GALAXY S's Daily Brief delivers exactly what matters to you, right to your phone's home screen-today's top headlines, stock info, weather forecast-Daily Briefing widget even displays your schedule and calendar, making sure you're aware of what your day holds in store without having to boot your computer, wait through TV commercials, or scour through a messy newspaper. Integrated Calendar: With GALAXY S and its Integrated Calendar, your schedules, agendas, calendars, to-do lists, regardless of their sources, are auto-synced, and organized into a single, color-coded, neat-and-tidy application

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GR Digital X2
GR Digital X2
I'd like to say that they were both mine but, alas the lower one is one that I have bought for a friend in Austrailia!. I thought a picture to show the difference to the chrome lettering on the lens, would be of interest to some people. Unfortunately the Chrome lettering in this poto doesn't stand out that much but its actually quite bright
Olympus E-30
Olympus E-30
Fujiya in Tokyo is camera heaven. But above all, it is second-hand camera heaven! Bought this Olympus E-30 with 11-22 2.8-3.5 for an unbelievable price today!

buy camera japan
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