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Jane Mineral Make Up

jane mineral make up
    make up
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jane mineral make up - JANE COLLECTION
JANE COLLECTION Funky Jane Make-Up-Matte
JANE COLLECTION Funky Jane Make-Up-Matte
JANE COLLECTION - Funky Jane Make-Up-Matte Fabric: (Front) 100% Cotton (Interior) 100% Microfiber Polyester. Cloth Dimension: 17 inches x 12 inches. Easy-Care: Machine wash, tumble dry low. The Make-Up-Matte is a mineral and powder workspace solution and portable carryall for your cosmetics and brushes when you are on-the go. Unfold your Matte and use at home on your vanity, at the gym, in your car, a hotel bathroom or just about anywhere you apply your makeup. Matte's not only provide a clean workspace to apply your makeup they also absorb excess particles and enable quick and efficient cleanup. Chic print fabric designs combined with luxuriously soft microfiber make the Matte's ideal for gifting. Make-Up-Matte's are machine washable for easy-care convenience and are proudly made in the USA. Patent pending.

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Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, and Liquid Minerals are what it's all about.
Jane Iredale loves make-up as much as we do!

jane mineral make up