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Phase Eye Makeup Remover

phase eye makeup remover
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phase eye makeup remover - philosophy just
philosophy just release me dual-phase oil-free eye makeup remover 6 fl oz (180 ml)
philosophy just release me dual-phase oil-free eye makeup remover 6 fl oz (180 ml)
a dual phase, extremely gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover
just release me is an oil-free eye makeup remover that gently yet effectively breaks down and removes the toughest eye makeup, even waterproof makeup, without irritating eyes. formulated with natural aloe, chamomile and cucumber extracts, this extra-gentle formula soothes and calms skin leaving it feeling clean, cool and refreshed.
you need this product if...
you want to completely remove eye makeup in seconds
you want an oil-free makeup remover
you're sensitive to most eye makeup removers
philosophy®: from caked on to baked on, from lid lock to grid lock, from dressed up to stressed out, from high shoes to win-lose, from run fast to slow down, it's time to release your eye makeup and set your sights free.

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Demaquillant biphase qui enleve rapidement et en douceur toute trace de maquillage des yeux, meme les formules hydrofuges. Sa phase "huile douce" dissout les fards et mascaras et sa phase aqueuse apaise l'epiderme delicat des paupieres. ----------------------------------------------------- Dual-phase eye make-up remover that gently and quickly removes all traces of make-up on eyelids and lashes, even waterproof formulations. The oil phase dissolves eye makeup and mascara while the water phase soothes the delicate skin of the eye area. Tested under dermatological control.
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phase eye makeup remover