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Makeup Tips For Dark Hair

makeup tips for dark hair
    dark hair
  • (dark-haired) having hair of a dark color; "a dark-haired beauty"
  • The thoughts and ideas that move you yet are largely unconscious. Might show ‘dark’ thoughts or attitudes. But it can also suggest racial dispositions, such as Latin passions or responses, or the black cultural way of being. As mentioned above, it can also link with someone you know.
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • Give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services
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makeup tips for dark hair - Just for
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Just for Men Shampoo In Hair Color, Dark Brown H-45, 1 application, (Pack of 3)
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BNHFM - Results & The Next Theme
BNHFM - Results & The Next Theme
ello Girls.and welcome to the First judging in BNHFM and lets just start with our Prizes. the winner will recieve a 1 Year contract with Mercer Modeling. A Cover on "MODE" Magazine and Covergirl products worth 100.000 Dollar (eheh im not good at prizes) plus there might be a little prize for the winning Owner aswell ( idk yet. it will depend on if i get a good prize for the winner!) Let me just first say before we start judging. i wont be afraid to give you critisism. if you feel that you were badly critiqued im sorry bout that! i will also may give you some pointers to help you in the future! Today you had to do 2 Photoshoots. a Beauty Shot for the Fadeout & a Dark&Edgy Closeup. and today.. i wanna start with Logan (: Logan: Beauty Shot - to be honest Logan.. this is a really pretty picture. but.. its way to close. i wish it was a little zoomed out. also your hair is looking fake. since its like faded at some parts. but this is one of the best pics ive got today (: Dark&Edgy: This picture really saved you. its really dark&edgy. and i love that spider lookng thingy on your head. overall i love this photo (: Shion: Beauty Shot - your face is a stunner here. i love the lips.. but the rouge...calm it down.. go for less rouge next time, also practise your joints. cuz they realy ruin this picture Dark&Edgy - this picture is WOW.. i honestly have no words. you gave me exactly what i wanted. big hair. crazy edgy make up.. wow Shion. i see potential in you now (: Kayla: Beauty Shot - Kayla. this is AMAZING. the wind in your hair .. the neon lips. and even tho its just a closeup.. your pose is FIERCE TO THE MAX! im in love Dark&Edgy - once again.. you wow me. i love the way your eyes connects with me. and i love the mysterious vibe it gives me. great job (: Sabrina: Beauty Shot - lets start with the pose... the pose is fantastic.. i love it (: but your eyeshadow.. its too hardcore for you.. if you come to the next round. you gotta try something new also.. one tip. i know you have bangs.. try to use them sometime ;) Dark& Edgy - to me..this picture is PERFECT. the hair isbig to the max and the makeup is wow.. greatjob (: Phoebe: Beauty Shot - This is real beauty!.. i am honestly. speechless. your face it tells me a story. i wish the pose was a little bit fiercer but otherwise. great job Dark&Edgy - your makeup is SICK!! like damn o.o.. i can truly see that you are a model in this picture. everything works.. and this picture is awesome. great job (: Anissa: Beauty Shot - I LOVE THIS PICTURE :) and if i could id probaly put it on my wall. the top is cut and your hair looks healthy. the only thing i dont like is that it looks like you used the effect Gritty on picnik. an i honestly HATE that effect. but other than that. great picture (: Dark&Edgy - this picture gives me a mysterious vibe. i like the heavy eyemakeup. but the picture is a bit plain and it doesnt give me the edgy vibe i wanted. its an okay picture. Katrina: Beauty Shot - to be honest. theres nothing special about this photo. your eyes connects with whcich is a good thing.. but i just dont find this picture interesting ;/ Dark&Edgy - this is a step up. the eyemakeup looks really high fashion. and id use it in a fashion show .the picture is okay. i dont really feel the picture tho. but. the eyemakeup really adds something to the picture. good job Fianna: Beauty Shot - this is pure beauty. i love everything you added. but the pose is really a basic pose and i would love to see a stronger pose. overall this is a great picture (: Dark&Edgy - i love this photo. the face is wow and it gives this kinda bitchy look i wish the hair was bigger but i love this picture (: so yehh great job! Heather: Beauty Shot - your eyes pops out woho >: D ..your eyes are your strongest feature Heather. and i love that they pop out in this picture. your face is a stunner. i can honestly not say anything negative about this photo. other than the effect you used kinda made your nose dissapear. but other than that. great job! Dark&Edgy - i honestly LOVE this picture. and id put it on my wall if i could.. but COLORS heather... colors.. this was supposed to be a B&W Shoot.. and its way to light & not very edgy :/ im honestly kinda dissapointed cuz i see so much potential in you. you did okay this time. but if you make it to the the next round you have to do better! Symphony: Beauty Shot - wow. wow. wow your face<33 you sereously just wow me here!. your face is like SICK PRETTY! i wish it was closer but other than that. great job (: Dark&Edgy - first of all. let me just say that my nephew Kris laughed when he saw this.. becuz he thougt it was really cool. and hes not into dolls at all hehe (: but yehh. i like this picture (: its not as dark&edgy as i wanted but other than that i really like it.. great job (: Taylor: Beauty Shot - i love this picture (: you are naturally pretty so
Welcome to BNHFM
Welcome to BNHFM
Hello everyone. and welcome to BNHFM. this contest will be right on tough. so if you dont have what it takes. youre out. but chill ill be a nice Judge (: so im not gonna make you cry. but prepare for Critique, some Tips. and lots of positive shit when i judge youre photos :D ive decided to let in 32 girls this cycle. cuz i saw so much potential this year! like sereously. just chopping you down to 16 will be hard O: but lets not talk more now. lets give you the list of girls who made it in :D Yes the girls are listed from best to worst auditions. where 1 is best and 32 is worst. but even tho youre number 32 it doesnt mean that i didnt like your photo. the others auditions was just a little better! the lower on the list you are the more i expect from you!! but i still expect alot from the people higher on the list!!! 1. Anissa - Drekitude 2. Kayla - Bratzmoviemaker928 3. Jade - x0RoseAnn0x 4. Ornella - Rainbowdoll489 5. Astrid - BratzSwedish 6. Phoebe - Black Glitter 7. Sloane - btyler96 8. Fatima - Bratzfan626 9. Katharine - Sailorvenus 10. Macy - Vanilla Dreams 11. Katie - Express Models 12. Duqeula - AmazingDolls 13. Skye - Kelly.The.Ginger.Hookah 14. Vivienne - PPLOfficial 15. Taylor - Bunnyboo83 16. Hayley - Rachael_Jade 17. Izabel - Audrina 18. Heather - Dashn98 19. Fianna - Alexbabs 20. Alexy - Odskdos 21. Rikki - Forever Dolls 22. Sorya - Blake<3Dolls 23. Kristen - Jerhome 24. Monica - Platinum Feathers 25. Katrina - Whitbrit 26. Kennedy - An-chee 27. Liann - Jesnaidy 28. Logan - Reecescups 29. Adrienne - Louisawalsh 30. Symphony - Mr.Peanutbutter 31. Sabrina - Saycheese141 32. Shion - Mrwayne98 Sorry if you didnt make it in. i got MANY great auditions. and i kept going back&forth with who should make it in. i looked after potential, and as i said i was gonna look through your photostreams, to see what you could and could not do. Please feel free to fm me and ask why you did not make it in. i will tell you excactly why you didnt make it in. thats the 32 girls who will compete to be BNHFM. but now were coming to the themes :'D Theme 1: Dark&Edgy Closeup Requirements: - Black&White - Edgy - Big Hair - NO BLURRY PICTURES - BE CREATIVE - Crazy Makeup This theme. you can do it wherever you want. and anyway you want. as long as you follow the requirements. Good Luck! Theme 2: Beauty Shot Requirements: - Closeup ofcource - a Fierce pose - White Background - Must be in Colors (but not edited colors like blue, green, red &etc..) - BE CREATIVE - NO BLURRY PICTURES This theme is the theme that will count most this week. Being really creative and taking risks will really pay of this on this theme. take risk by including jewelery, chains, flowers, or whatever you want, just be hellur creative and crazy. this picture is mos important cuz the closeups will be on the Fadeout (: but the Dark&Edgy one is important too but you get what i mean :P The Deadline is July 5th the day after my birthday woho..the deadline may be extended or shortened with a couple of days. depends on where im going on my birthday (: oh remember. this is a second chance to impress. cuz this time mi will chop you guys down to 16 >: D Good Luck Girls (: Who Has Delivered their photos: Sabrina (2/2) Kennedy (2/2) Phoebe (2/2) Katrina (2/2) Heather (2/2) Anissa (2/2) Fatima (1/2) Fianna (2/2) Taylor (2/2) Symphony (2/2) Logan (2/2) Kayla (2/2) Monica (1/2) Adrienne (2/2) Duqeula (2/2) Shion (2/2) Nene (2/2) Katharine (2/2) Izabel (1/2) sorry if i havent added your picture on this list.but ive most likely got it. but ive just forgot to add it to this list.. i have the updated list on my computer :P. the moving stress kinda makes me forget stufff U_U

makeup tips for dark hair
makeup tips for dark hair
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