Cheap specialized road bikes - Trailer bikes.

Cheap Specialized Road Bikes

cheap specialized road bikes
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    road bikes
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cheap specialized road bikes - Shimano PD-M520L
Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats
Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats
Whether you're looking to get started riding clipless pedals for the first time or you're a seasoned veteran looking to save money on a new build, the Shimano PD-M520 is a great choice. Featuring a durable steel axle, sealed bearings and an open, mud-shedding design, the PD-M520 does the job of a high end pedal at an entry level price. Includes one pair of two-bolt SPD cleats.

Part of Shimano's line of lightweight XC bicycle pedals, this pair of sport pedals with cleats is suitable for either road biking or mountain biking. Distinctive features including an open binding mechanism that's better designed to shed mud, along with a low-maintenance, sealed-bearing cartridge axle.
Manufacturer's Warranty
Shimano warrants to the original retail purchaser that this product is free from non-conformities in material and workmanship for a period of two years and their Dura-Ace and XTR components are covered for a period of three years from the date of original retail purchase. Shimano footwear, soft goods and wheels are warranted for a period of one year.
About Shimano
In 1961, a 3-speed bicycle hub displayed at the New York Toy Show was the catalyst for what would eventually become Shimano American Corporation. The popularity of 20-inch wheeled bikes with hi-rise handle bars fueled a demand for multi-speed hubs and Shimano was producing an affordable and reliable version that caught the attention of the industry. So much so, that by 1965, Yoshizo Shimano, the youngest son of the company founder in Japan, opened an office in New York to get quicker product feedback and to provide technical and warranty assistance to retailers selling bikes equipped with Shimano parts.
Though Shimano American has grown from that first modest office staffed by only three people to a full distribution center with sales and marketing offices, the goals are the same: to ensure that Shimano always has a listening ear to provide feedback on relevant trends and needs of the North American market for both bicycle and fishing products and make those a reality for customers.

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Bike messengers
Bike messengers
Nick, Stoned Tone, Mattio. OK, Nick has since moved to Philadelphia to pursue his tattooing career, Stone is somewhere, Mattio was never a messenger but is working on his Mattio sort of things - which include music and saving the world. That's my bike in the middle. Since I shot this photo, that front wheel was stolen, I finally wore out that rear tire. I changed the handlebars to chopped risers and changed the fixed cog for brakes and a freewheel. Stoned still rides and is stil in NYC. He's in other people's Flickr streams, like Austin Horse. And after going back to coasting, I put my clipless pedals back also. Those are my Mountain Dew and cookies. Why does Mattio have only one sock on? Funny, the only one with brakes and a helmet is the non-messenger. Who is the smart one here? Edit, Feb. 2009: The seat was upgraded to a very comfortable and light Serfas seat, the seatpost as well. I went through a few sets of tires. I have a pair of red Vittoria Rubino Pro tires on now. Shimano 595 clipless pedals, Shimano 105 calipers with Tektro levers - the best I ever used. Edit, Sept 2010: After some time with road bars and a carbon fork, it's fixed again. I have red Origin8 cranks with a Surly stainless steel 48t ring, 16t Dura-Ace 1/8 cog (I had a 16t White Industries freewheel). I;m running a 1/8 Sram PC-1 chain with a half link. The rear wheel has a red Origin8 hub and black Mavic CXP33 rim, red spoke nipples. I changed the clipless pedals for MKS Sylvan pedals with red cages, black Soma steel cages and red Pake straps. I have two red Vittoria Open Corsa EVO tires and Performance thornproof tubes. I have a Performance carbon road fork held in with a silver Cane Creek C-2 headset. Another update: I have a -17 degree Bontrager stem holding bontrager riser bars (slight rise, 31.8 clamp) with lock-on, black Bontrager grips with red-anodized aluminum locks. I replaced the tires for 25mm Specialized All Conditions Armadillo Elite tires. I still have the red, 38mm Soma Velodrama track bars, which I may or may not use. A small, steel NJS-certified wheel tensioner keeps the rear wheel where it needs to be. Mattio is in Minnesota with his hot fiancee racing cyclocross and being awesome. I put the red Soma Velodrama track drops back on but with a shorter, 75mm -25 (?) degree stem. It handles better. I have red MKS Sylvan peddals and dark grey nylon staps with black Soma cages. The crappy Origin8 bottom brack it starting to creek and wobble, the rear hub is starting to fall apart as well. I know better than to buy cheap parts, it's never worth it in the long run.
Specialized hybrid, $629.99
Specialized hybrid, $629.99
A bit more reasonably priced, but still a good $150 above the budget I arbitrarily set at $500... I don't know if I want to be a hybrid lover for life, or if I should transition into being a road bike owner.. Maybe it's time for me to grow up and start using paniers instead of a milk crate, except that I am still paranoid about people just popping your paniers off the bike and stealing them. Ideally what I should do is get a used bike customized for myself and then maybe find some cheap/used/grubby-looking paniers that people would not be inclined to take. Then I can have a bike that I like the look of (I think my current one is pretty ugly, part of the reason why I treat it like crap so much), without being crazy flashy and silly. I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING NOW!!! I can't even go up a hill on my bike the way it is right now...

cheap specialized road bikes
cheap specialized road bikes
Shimano SPD-SL Road Pedals, Black
The Shimano PD-R540 is a great entry-level clipless pedal. Featuring a wide, supportive platform and adjustable cleat tension, they make learning to use clipless pedals a breeze, yet their light weight and durability mean that you won't outgrow them in your first season. Include one pair of three-bolt SPD-SL cleats.

Shimano's recessed cleat and clipless pedal technology, called SPD, revolutionized the cycling shoe/pedal interface. Since then, decades of legendary "in the dirt" dependability, reliability, and sheer endurance have made SPD the world's go-to pedal technology. Shimano's PD-R540 road pedals continue the SPD tradition. The PD-R540 pedals, which feature proven designs that work in real-world conditions, offer such details as a wide pedal platform for foot-pedal stability, a low-maintenance sealed-cartridge axle unit, a large binding target for quick engagement, and adjustable cleat tension with indicators.

Pedal system: SPD-SL
Cartridge spindle: Yes
Spindle material: Chrome-moly
Cleat retention indicator: Yes
Cleat retention adjuster: Yes
Spindle thread: BC 9/16 inches x 20 TPI
Pedal body material: Aluminum/painted
Average weight: 11.6 ounces
About Shimano
In 1961, a three-speed bicycle hub was displayed at the New York Toy Show. The hub--an affordable and reliable version of the multi-speed hubs growing in popularity at the time--caught the attention of the industry. So much so that by 1965, Yoshizo Shimano--the youngest son of the company founder in Japan--opened an office in New York. Shimano's goal was to get quicker product feedback and to provide technical and warranty assistance to retailers selling bikes equipped with Shimano parts. Though Shimano American has grown from that first modest office staffed by only three people to a full distribution center with sales and marketing offices, its goals are the same: listen to customers and meet their needs for both bicycle and fishing products.