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Casio Frogman Watches

casio frogman watches
  • diver: someone who works underwater
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  • The Frogman is a man-sized frog who appears as a character in some of L. Frank Baum's Oz books. He is first introduced in The Lost Princess of Oz.
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Casio G-SHOCK Real Black Frogman
Casio G-SHOCK Real Black Frogman
Casio G-SHOCK Real Black Frogman/ DW-8200BK-1JF/ was once the most sought after G-SHOCK for many years before newer Atomic Frogman GWF-1000 series came along. They were so limited and popular that at one of this Real Black Frogman will cost you over 1K5 on eBay. It might be still holding the most beautiful Frogman spot today.
Casio GW-200F-3JR Frogman. 2009 limited edition 'Love The Sea And The Earth'. Acquired in trade, 2009-10-03. Limited edition features a special caseback design, additional band printing and a Scuba-frog backlight image.

casio frogman watches
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