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Best Woman Watches

best woman watches
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Watching the Snow Flakes Fall (3/52)
Watching the Snow Flakes Fall (3/52)
52 Weeks: Week 3 (Year 3) I guess this will be a snowy winter for us this year. It keeps piling up out there just when I think it is starting to melt. Another 6" came down between last night and this morning. Another day with school closed, too. That makes 3 snow days in 2 weeks which means we will get out of school that much later in June. The kids think it's great: "Yay! Another snow day!" But I keep telling them it's better to be in school now while it is cold and miserable so we can enjoy the summer out of the school building. I found a cute poem by Ogden Nash entitled "Snowy Winter Morning" so I read it to the school children during the morning announcements. Ogden Nash writes the best poems for kids!
Best Friends :)
Best Friends :)
we're best friends.... we just happen to live a few thousand miles away from eachother. this was at the cute is what we aim for show on july 6th. I felt I needed a photo of us together on here. I miss: poppers, sparklers, long walks, big drains, "rodrick", throwing life preservers, laughing, freaking out about lightning, zoos, major heat, cute is what we aim for, hangman, i spy, taking pictures, meet and greets, mallin, crazy woman dressed as a cat, warped tour, heat waves, backstage passes, kevin lyman telling the guards to let us back, freaking out, watching TAI sidestage, meeting william beckett :] come back to FL haley

best woman watches
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