Leather furniture conditioner

Customer Reviews 
European Leather Restorer - Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 16 oz.

1. We own a large leather sofa and matching arm-chair. Over the 10 years that we've owned these, we have used several leather cleaners and conditioners with the intention of keeping our furniture for many years to come.
We chanced across this product recently and are extremely glad that we did. While we've been pleased with other products, this one easily surpasses them. Our leather now feels as soft and supple as when it was first purchased. This is the product we will continue to use moving forward.
A side note to the manufaturer: I'm not sure what the active conditioning ingredient is in your product, but you should consider selling hand-moisturizer as well... after using this to treat our furniture, my hands never felt better.

2. While I believe this product did a good job of cleaning my purse, it darkened the cognac color leather. My purse is not by any means ruined, but the results were disappointing. I've used thick leather conditioning crèmes in the past which softened the leather without discoloring it. The European Leather Restorer is a liquid, much easier to apply than the crèmes. Often a slight darkening adds richness, so I would recommend this product for pieces which would benefit by a deepened color. You cannot beat the ease of use, and it does clean and soften.

3. We have a medium size couch in red leather subjected to kids, 2 dogs, one cat and frequent house guests. We used to condition the sofa with a 2 part treatment but it was neither worth the effort, time or odor. The results were always disappointing. When my youngest finally used a sharpie on the cushion we assumed it was time to for a replacement.
A friend, who is a leather artisan, suggested trying this product first. With its simplicity of application, we were a bit skeptical. It was amazing. Odorless with a beautiful rich matte finish, it went on quickly and easily in one application. It dried rapidly. Most surprising, it removed and concealed most of the sharpie markers streak as well the dings and scratches.
The sofa looks better than new with a richer finish than when we purchased it. We highly recommend this product.

4. The European Leather Restorer did a wonderful job of making my couch look like new again........covered up the kids stains.........and evened out the "sweat" marks that were left on the top of the pillows from my husbands bald head! My husband wanted to get rid of the couch because of all of the scuff marks and now he can't imagine that he said that! It looks wonderful and has a nice patina. The most important item to me is that it is easy to do so I get on to it on a regular basis instead of putting it off......I am, once again, proud of my expensive couch. I have also used it on an expensive cream color Swedish contour chair. The wear on the arms is causing the dye to wear away and it always looked dirty. I have been very happy with the results on this chair. The cleaner does not dye the worn spots, but it makes the rest of the chair look almost new.......however, since this chair takes a beating on a daily basis it now has a second life....and for that I am grateful! It has been hard to find a good leather cleaner......and I am now glad that I don't have to look any further! Thanks for creating this product!

5. We have one of those leather sofas that leave rub and scratch marks on the leather surface. This stuff completely removes the mark if at the very least minimizes the appearance tremendously. Even our ottomon that is a different kind of leather...shiny surfaced...my son litterally scratched his name into it with a screw. This naturally cannot remove a scratch, but you can barely see it anymore. Very happy.

6. I used this product for over a year and have no complaints. I've used it numerous times on my brown leather sofa. I did not have any problems with the sofa color changing, which was my only concern with leather conditioners. I've used other leather cleaner/conditioner products, but usually they were two individual products, so it's nice to have a 2 in 1 product as this saves time and work. I'd definitely recommend this product to others.

7. I read the reviews before I purchased this product and it does work well as a leather conditioner and restorer but it didn't do too well as a cleaner. I've used this on our leather sofas, jackets, etc. For soiled areas on our sofas, lounge chairs, etc., this didn't clean as well and I eventually had to use another leather cleaner; however, when
I applied this afterwards, I must say that it does a super job as a conditioner and restorer. It's been over a month now and the leather is still soft and supple. I also used it on our leather jackets and the results were amazing.
To sum up - if the leather needs deep cleaning, it won't do a really good job; however, it is fantastic as a restorer and conditioner.

8. Like some people here I bought an older leather couch on Craigslist. Knowing it would last longer if I cleaned it (and kept it clean) I went to Amazon to look up leather cleaners. All the reviews were great for this product so I decided to purchase. I particularly liked that it was both a restorer and conditioner. The price was good too! I bought a bottle and used it on the couch. The color is a little brighter and the leather is very supple. No odor was left after the product dried. I plan to use this in my vehicle in the future. I'm very pleased and would recommend it to others.

9. I have tried several leather cleaners and conditioners. Most (such as lexol) leave a sticky residue and the "clean sheen" is short lived. I was concerned that this product would be the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the European Leather Restorer both cleaned off the sticky residue, but also left the leather soft and supple. I also found that I did not need to recondition my couch nearly as often as before. It has been more than 2 weeks since I used it and it still looks as great as when I bought it. I would definitely recommend this product.

10. I am very pleased with "European Leather Restorer" - pleased and grateful! We have 2 beautiful leather couches, one of which had been damaged by sun-exposure. I had tried 2 other brands. One was o.k., the other totally worthless (yes, there are co's out there that sell worthless products, despite fancy packaging!). I use the Leather Restorer once a week and the dried, cracked section of my couch is clearly improving and getting back its softness. I use the Leather Restorer on the areas not damaged ad it leaves them looking marvelous - clean and creamy. I always stand back and admire them (with a sigh of relief!) after each application.
Although I haven't had much dealing with the company, the little I've had makes me think it's "the real deal": the sort of folks who go the 2d mile to do things well.