Vintage tin wind up toys : Taf toys smart mat.

Vintage Tin Wind Up Toys

vintage tin wind up toys
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1930s PORKY PIG tin wind-up by Marx toys
1930s PORKY PIG tin wind-up by Marx toys
This vintage toy was an ebay victory. It looked terrible in the auction picture - very dirty and scuffed up badly. I took a chance and picked it up cheap. What looked to be scuffs and scrapes in the ebay photo turned out to be some sort of gunk on the toy that had hardened up over the years. After a good cleaning I realized Porky here was near mint! Every now and then you win one.
Buck Rogers Tin Toy Wind Up Rocket Ship 1149
Buck Rogers Tin Toy Wind Up Rocket Ship 1149
Buck Rogers future astronaut spaceship with Dr. Huer and Buddy Deering in the windshield of a Marx wind up tin toy rocket ship vintage antique. Newspaper Science Fiction Sci-Fi comic strip hero action figure spaceman

vintage tin wind up toys
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