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top ten toys for boys
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  • Top Ten is one of the many spin-offs of Horrible Histories. Each book is made up of ten short stories made with a common theme, author or (cultural) background. The books retell the stories in as abridged versions, shortened to appeal to younger readers.
  • Top 10 is a superhero comic book limited series published by the America's Best Comics imprint of Wildstorm, itself an imprint of DC Comics.
  • TopTen is an Estonian record label which has started the career of a number of successful Baltic chart acts, including the internationally successful girl group Vanilla Ninja, who are currently the label's most successful act.
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • A son
  • (boy) a friendly informal reference to a grown man; "he likes to play golf with the boys"
  • (boy) male child: a youthful male person; "the baby was a boy"; "she made the boy brush his teeth every night"; "most soldiers are only boys in uniform"
  • (boy) son: a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
  • A male child or young man
  • A male child or young man who does a specified job

Devils Tower Wyoming
Devils Tower Wyoming
A legend of Devil's Tower A Brule Sioux Legend Out of the plains of Wyoming rises Devil's Tower. It is really a rock, visible for hundreds of miles around, an immense cone of basalt which seems to touch the clouds. It sticks out of the flat prairie as if someone had pushed it up from underground. Of course, Devil's Tower is a white man's name. We have no devil in our beliefs and got along well all these many centuries without him. You people invented the devil and, as far as I'm concerned, you can keep him. But everybody these days knows that towering rock by this name, so Devil's Tower it is. No use telling you its Indian name. Most tribes call it bear rock. There is a reason for that - if you see it, you will notice on its sheer sides many, many streaks and gashes running straight up and down, like scratches made by giant claws. Well, long, long ago, two young Indian boys found themselves lost in the prairie. You know how it is. They had played shinny ball and whacked it a few hundred yards out of the village. And then they had shot their toy bows still farther out into the sagebrush. And then they had heard a small animal make a noise and had gone to investigate. They had come to a stream with many colorful pebbles and followed that for a while. They had come to a hill and wanted to see what was on the other side. On the other side they saw a herd of antelope and, of course, had to track them for a while. When they got hungry and thought it was time to go home, the two boys found that they didn't know where they were. They started off in the direction where they thought their village was, but only got farther and farther away from it. At last they curled up beneath a tree and went to sleep. They got up the next morning and walked some more, still headed the wrong way. They ate some wild berries and dug up wild turnips, found some choke-cherries, and drank water from streams. For three days they walked toward the west. They were footsore, but they survived. Oh, how they wished that their parents, or aunts or uncles, or elder brothers and sisters would find them. But nobody did. On the fourth day the boys suddenly had a feeling that they were being followed. They looked around and in the distance saw Mato, the bear. This was no ordinary bear, but a giant grizzly so huge that the two boys would only make a small mouthful for him, but he had smelled the boys and wanted that mouthful. He kept coming close, and the earth trembled as he gathered speed. The boys started running, looking for a place to hide, but there was no such place and the grizzly was much, much faster than they. They stumbled, and the bear was almost upon them. They could see his red, wide-open jaws full of enormous, wicked teeth. They could smell his hot, evil breath. The boys were old enough to have learned to pray, and they called upon Wakan Tanka, the Creator: "Tunkashila, Grandfather, have pity, save us." All at once the earth shook and began to rise. The boys rose with it. Out of the earth came a cone of rock going up, up until it was more than a thousand feet high. And the boys were on top of it. Mato the bear was disappointed to see his meal disappearing into the clouds. Have I said he was a giant bear? This grizzly was so huge that he could almost reach to the top of the rock, trying to get up, trying to get those boys. As he did so, he made big scratches in the sides of the towering rock. But the stone was too slippery; Mato could not get up. He tried every spot, every side. He scratched up the rock all around, but it was no use. The boys watched him wearing himself out, getting tired, giving up. They finally saw him going away, a huge, growling, grunting mountain of fur disappearing over the horizon. The boys were saved. Or were they? How were they to get down? They were humans, not birds who could fly. Some ten years ago, mountain climbers tried to conquer Devil's Tower. They had ropes, and iron hooks called pitons to nail themselves to the rockface, and they managed to get up. But they couldn't get down. They were marooned on that giant basalt cone, and they had to be taken off in a helicopter. In the long-ago days the Indians had no helicopters. So how did the two boys get down? The legend does not tell us, but we can be sure that the Great Spirit didn't save those boys only to let them perish of hunger and thirst on the top of the rock. Well, Wanblee, the eagle, has always been a friend to our people. So it must have been the eagle that let the boys grab hold of him and carried them safely back to their village. Or do you know another way? - Told by Lame Deer in Winner, Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation, South Dakota, 1969.
sky day 193
sky day 193
" 'I like you too," she said. They no longer talked about love, only of like. Talk of love made them feel banished and of the dark ages. Like was beginning and new; like was when you grew wings that made you lithe and slightly interesting for a moment, love was when those wings kept growing, became thick and unseemly-- tarp-like -- and then smothered you; and wrapped you up, like a bodybag. Though still, he wanted to say, 'I love you'. He was conditioned. " pictures people draw of their house when they are nine a line for the sky a blue line for the sky i am impressed with technology i want to go to every panera bread mega store in the state of ohio on the same night and gather all of the bagels that they will throw away and climb on to the top of a five story building with a 35-85 lense and photograph the thousands of bagels they will throw away and make a print of this and grind it to a pulp and make more paper bagels out of it and throw them all in a dumpster outside of crocker park shopping center where i saw a boy who looked eleven wearing a rage against the machine tshirt in an upscale shopping center the lifeshare community blood service woke me up two hours before i had to go to work today on the phone and said maureen sill we are in great need of your blood because you have type o negative blood and that is like gold to us and we are offering you an incentive now and i said, what more kind of incentive can there be to giving blood other than "you will save someone's life" TWO OR THREE TIMES! and the boy on the phone said, well, everyone gets put into a raffle for a one hundred dollar gasoline gift card and i rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and said, oh really and he said, yeah and i actually said, "that's stupid" and asked, does your company sell the blood or donate it, because i know some companies sell it and he said we are nonprofit and i said oh, okay, even though that didn't answer my question and he said see you on tuesday? and i said yeah, see you on tuesday and then i hung up and tried to go back to sleep but i couldn't go back to sleep excess paper bagels deliberate gasoline gift cards rare and perfect, type o negative, you want my blood a part of me that everyone could use! a part of me that everyone could use! a part of me that everyone on the entire fucking planet could use! the thought of that makes me insane, because it makes me feel so useful that i could almost pass out victor had a dream where a girl paid attention to him for ten or fifteen minutes and that he fell in love with her on accident and in the dream when they kissed he was paranoid that she was drunk and did not really like him and that she just liked the idea of him or anyone at all and he did not say this in the dream but the girl knew anyway and pulled away and said, i am a little drunk but i still like you, a little anyway, but i probably won't forever, just right now and he said he woke up and cried very briefly and then went to work my hands feel covered in candle wax that was recently peeled off with a dull vegetable peeler andy is leaving for scotland tomorrow i want to have a conversation with you about the "cruelty of abstraction" and the devices of feelings we forgot were possible i said something to a man at work today and he said i can't wait to write about that later, and i can't remember what i said but i know he liked it what kind of cheese if your favorite, a little boy asks me during story hour and i say none and he says, no, NACHO cheese i say i think you got the joke wrong he says ha, ha, ha. i say, you're hilarious he runs away to find a toy train is it wrong that i fall in love with every little boy i meet i want to marry them they are the most loveable people in the world

top ten toys for boys
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