Dolls And Stuffed Toys - Star Wars Toys 2011.

Dolls And Stuffed Toys

dolls and stuffed toys
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  • Dolls is a film directed by horror director Stuart Gordon and released in 1987, after Gordon's success with Re-Animator. The film was shot in Italy in 1985. Dolls has taken credit for having inspired several similar "killer doll" movies since, most prominently Child's Play.
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3 faced doll
3 faced doll
this was at a store (i forget the name - i only remember that the initials were dp and that always makes me think of something else) in san francisco. the upstairs had this awesome exhibit of knit and plush toys/art.
Christmas Stuffed Toys and Motionettes
Christmas Stuffed Toys and Motionettes
This is my growing selection of Christmas stuffed toys and motionettes. This year I added a Rushton Snowman, an Applause Nightmare Before Christmas Santa, and Dan Roebuck was kind enough to donate two Grinch dolls.

dolls and stuffed toys
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