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  • (Pioneer Investments) Pioneer Investments is an investment company based in Milan, Italy specializing in mutual funds. In 1928, Philip L. Carret founded the Pioneer Fund, the third oldest mutual fund in the United States.
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Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor: How I Secured Fifteen Patents, Started Ten Companies, and Became a Pioneer on the Internet
Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor: How I Secured Fifteen Patents, Started Ten Companies, and Became a Pioneer on the Internet
The free market system is based on creative ideas-if you have one and know how to sell it, you'll make money. Few people have had more ideas or generated more revenue from them than Bill Tobin. Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor is the practical, fascinating tale of a man who started ten companies, invented many products, holds fifteen patents, and waged and won battles against some of the largest corporations in the world. Tobin's story is an eye-opening, eye-level account of what it takes to transform dreams into business realities. He also describes how to protect your assets and family when starting your business. Part memoir, part tutorial, and part firsthand historical account of more startups than you will experience in five lifetimes, Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor offers important advice to tomorrow's entrepreneurs. It shows a path for future idea-people to follow, to forge their future based on their own creations.

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Pioneer School, Clark, WY
Pioneer School, Clark, WY
Memories from my childhood are full of ... time outdoors, playing softball at the park near my home, following the adventures of Sergeant Preston and his good dog Yukon on the radio, dinners at a table talking to family, playing Monopoly with friends and family. Simple pleasures that necessitated face to face socializing with friends. We used pencils, paper and crayons in school, had recess each day. I looked forward to dodge ball with classmates and minimal adult direction. We knew the rules, they were simple and we usually played well together. We almost always settled our conflicts at recess and the park without adult intervention. I think the adults who once attended the Pioneer School in Clark, Wyoming may have similar memories. This morning I read an article about what is called The Great Recession. My (our) world has become more complex since my childhood. We now have opportunity to invest in mind boggling array of sophisticated financial services brought to us instantly via our electronically wired and creative bankers. Every school I now visit is full of similar electronic devices, Smart Boards have replaced chalk boards, millions of dollars are spent on connections to the world wide web and any information that can be imagined. Kids are wired to each other and their social networks, can sit for hours with hand held tools that enable them to avoid each other and activity outdoors. Training to be skilled bankers and good consumers. I believe these are unhealthy kids with access to way too much information, instant on line conversations via “txting”, instant messaging and inability to resolve social conflict learned during activities like dodge ball. I believe the kids who once attended Pioneer School were happier and healthier and a lot less affluent. I miss those days and fear for the kids attending the really wired schools where they can avoid sweating and conversations while staying connected to their friends on line. And I know ... I am able to post my photos and rants on line, digitally, reach friends and fans with ease .... and awareness of the irony.
Branston - biomass boiler
Branston - biomass boiler
Branston Ltd Branston has pioneered a fully integrated system for waste management and sustainability. Food waste from their new prepared foods factory and ‘outgrade’ potatoes from the main potato packing factory are fed in to an anaerobic digestion plant. It saves around 40per cent on electricity at the site - a 20per cent reduction in carbon. Water is recycled through a biomembrane reactor. This has reduced water consumption by 60per cent and has significantly reduced the quantity and improved the quality of effluent leaving the site. Waste potato boxes and pallets, which would otherwise be taken off-site for disposal, are used as fuel in a biomass heating system. All part of the EMS: plastic, paper and cardboard are recycled and the fresh potato packaging supplied to retailers is 100per cent recyclable. The company invests in regular thermal imaging surveys and has successfully encouraged many of its potato growers to use the service to improve their coldstores.

pioneer investing
pioneer investing
Understanding Pharma: A Primer on How Pharmaceutical Companies Really Work
The pharmaceutical industry is extremely complex, and so are the inner workings of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies operating within it. Even the most seasoned industry professionals may find it difficult to understand the activities of, and interdependencies among, all key functions within a pharmaceutical company. Yet this knowledge is crucial when the responsibilities for--or repercussions of--key initiatives ripple across an organization.

Understanding Pharma is a must-read for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry--those new to the industry, industry veterans, and those working in or serving the industry.

Gain an understanding of the inner workings of each functional area in the typical pharmaceutical company
Learn the interdependencies of each functional area and how they affect the company's strategic goals
Understand how each functional area impacts the company's financial success.

Topics covered in the book include:

The global scope of the pharmaceutical industry
Typical pharmaceutical company structure
Customer groups supply and demand drivers
Pharmaceutical product lifecycle
Drug Discovery
Drug Development
Business Development
Managed Markets

Each function-specific chapter explains:

The role of that functional area in fulfilling the pharmaceutical company s mission
The impact of that functional area on company profitability and strategic vision
Key activities within that functional area

Understanding Pharma is an ideal resource for professionals in a wide variety of careers, including:

Market Research
Medical Affairs
Business Development
Contract Research
Medical Education
Public Relations

Students preparing for careers in the pharmaceutical industry will also find it extremely effective in orienting them to their chosen field, and the industry as a whole.

Be sure your team has what it takes to succeed in this competitive environment. Understanding Pharma will provide the practical knowledge they need. Also be sure to check out the companion book, Lingua Pharma, the first comprehensive glossary of industry-related terms.