Cyprus Accommodation

cyprus accommodation
  • A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay
  • Lodging; room and board
  • adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • The available space for occupants in a building, vehicle, or vessel
  • a settlement of differences; "they reached an accommodation with Japan"
  • in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality
  • a country on the island of Cyprus; 80% of the people are of Greek origin and 20% or Turkish origin
  • An island country in southeastern Europe, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, about 50 miles (80 km) south of the Turkish coast; pop. 775,000; capital, Nicosia; official languages, Greek and Turkish
  • Cyprus (; ??????, Kypros, ; K?br?s), – officially the Republic of Cyprus (???????? ??????????, Kypriaki? Dimokratia, ; K?br?s Cumhuriyeti) – is a Eurasian island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon.
  • an island in the eastern Mediterranean

From the archives of UNHCR: Cyprus: One third of the population uprooted
From the archives of UNHCR: Cyprus: One third of the population uprooted
Old woman in the Larnaca Turkish quarter. UNHCR/ J. Mohr/ 1974 From the archives of UNHCR: Cyprus: One third of the population uprooted “Every tree and every bush had a family under it”, one observer in a forest camp for displaced persons told the UNHCR film unit in Cyprus in 1974. Their suffering, he added, was not simply physical: they were “in a state of mental collapse”, having left everything they possessed and cherished behind them – their homes, their fields and crops and cattle. Misery was widespread, with over 200,000 – one third of the entire Cypriot population – directly affected by events. At the request of the Secretary-General, UNHCR has acted as Co-ordinator of UN Humanitarian Assistance for Cyprus, to help alleviate the plight of the displaced and needy on the island in the wake of the 1974 events. UNHCR programmes in Cyprus have included the provision of food and medical supplies, the re-activation of farms, small businesses and local crafts, and assistance toward the building of housing units for temporary accommodation, together with schools, children’s homes, day-care centres, youth hostels, old peoples home and medical facilities, all of which continue to be maintained and improved. In the economically vital sphere of agriculture, assistance has been provided for reafforestation, animal husbandry, vegetable growing and chicken-farming. In the southern parts of the island, the emphasis has been on construction work, especially adequate temporary accommodation; whereas in the northern parts it has tended to be mainly on agriculture and medical supplies and facilities. The modern hospital in Nicosia (North) for which equipment was provided by UNHCR, is being expanded with the addition of a wing for mental patients. UNHCR recently received contributions of $15 million from the U.S. and ?500,000 from the U.K. for its 1979 programmes in Cyprus. The total amount contributed since 1974 to UN Humanitarian Assistance for Cyprus is $ 116 million including contribution in kind, especially food. Source: UNHCR – Spring 1979
Girne / Kyrenia (North Cyprus) - Another Night Shot
Girne / Kyrenia (North Cyprus) - Another Night Shot
(EN) In North Cyprus, I spent every night in Girne because there are very few accommodation options in Nicosia and Gazimagusa. And every night I spent a lot of time making photos in the harbour, which really offers great opportunities. I couldn’t find out why that mountain was highlighted – in any case it was no forest fire. (D) Jede Nacht, die ich in Nordzypern verbrachte, schlief ich in Girne, da es kaum Ubernachtungsmoglichkeiten gibt in Nikosia und Gazimagusa, den anderen grosseren Stadten. Auch verbrachte ich jeden Abend viel Zeit mit Fotografieren in der Hafenregion, die dafur wirklich grossartige Moglichkeiten bietet. Leider habe ich die Bedeutung der Beleuchtung dieses Berges nicht herausgefunden – jedenfalls war es kein Waldbrand.

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