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Hood River Bed And Breakfast

hood river bed and breakfast
    hood river
  • The city of Hood River is the seat of Hood River County, Oregon, United States. It is a port on the Columbia River, and is named for the nearby Hood River. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 5,831. In 2006, the population is estimated to have reached 6,581.
  • The Hood River of Nunavut, Canada is a long river draining into the Arctic Ocean from its headwaters in the interior of Canada's tundra at Takijuq Lake, close to the Northwest Territories border. The river ends at Arctic Sound near the community of Bathurst Inlet.
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hood river depot
hood river depot
Hood River Oregon depot. Originally Union Pacific, it was used by Amtrak and now by the Mt. Hood Railroad. April 2000 scan from 35mm slide.
Hood River County Courthouse
Hood River County Courthouse
Hood River, Oregon Constructed in 1954 on a hill overlooking downtown Hood River.

hood river bed and breakfast
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