Looking For best home theater system?

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>>>>>Buy Cheap best home theater system sale @ Amazon.com Free Shipping!I have this system hooked up to my 46" Toshiba LED TV. The TV controls the receiver with no programming at all. The set-up is easy. The speakers do have connectors on the end of the already which is a pro and a con. You can just strip back connectors and either solder or twist off wire to make a connection if you have wire routed through the walls like I do. The subwoofer has a decent amount of bass. One of my favorite things about this system is it doesn't eat power as a 1000W system. I had a 325W Sony System before that would heat up my room because it used so much power, but this system sounds way better and allows better energy efficiency of most systems around. I hooked my TV up to it so I can have surround sound Digital Signal when watching basic cable, playing games, or watching movies. I also hooked up my computer audio to the receiver so I can listen to music off of my computer whenever as well. It is really easy to switch audio sources and the receiver can produce Dolby sound. I feel for what this receiver cost, it was a steal for $180. I would recommend and already have to many people.

-Energy Efficiency
-Sound Quality
-Easy Set-Up
-All in One Player

-May need to cut speaker wire if rout wires through walls and ceiling

Bottom Line: I recommend this system. Great Gift Idea as well.