Outdoor Bear Decorations : Guest Room Decorating.

Outdoor Bear Decorations

outdoor bear decorations
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The bear pack Project 365 Day 340
The bear pack Project 365 Day 340
These are Pam’s Cherished Teddies which were languishing in a box in the shed. When we were putting the Christmas decorations away I brought the box out and we found them lurking in the bottom. So out they came to share with you as my picture for the day. The Cherished Teddies Collection began in 1992 and has continued ever since as one of the top performing new collectibles. Early teddies remain sought after, but the prices of most figurines on the secondary market have come down after initial highs. All the Cherished Teddies begin life as pictures by artist Priscilla Hillman (whose other collections include Calico Kittens, Priscilla's Mouse Tales, and My Blushing Bunnies). Each Cherished Teddies Figurine carries a Certificate of Adoption which can be completed and forwarded to the Cherished Teddies Adoption Centre for registration. All the Cherished Teddies live in Cherished Teddies Town, and many of the figurines relate to specific collections. Even though they are not valuable, Pam will still keep most of them and maybe pass one or two onto Laura’s baby when it is born. It rained most of the day yesterday so no chance of a decent outdoor photo. I almost wish we had snow like Pete to photograph!
Burning the Dollhouse - 3
Burning the Dollhouse - 3
This was hard for me to burn and if my father sees this series it will likely make him sad. So let me explain myself. This doll house was hand made by my father and I when I was a pre-teen. He made the outside look perfect down to the texture in the brick and hand painting the door. Then we made the floors together inside. Tile and carpet. I took a lot of time adding interior decorations, furniture, little details, miniature everything... even made a "family" of dolls to live in it out of yarn. After some point I outgrew the house and it was stored away. Years later it became pretty beat up from age and humidity and started to fall apart. I knew it was time to let go of this part of my childhood but I couldn't bear putting it in the trash. So one day I decided to give it a sort of funeral pyre and document it as art.

outdoor bear decorations
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