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Billiard Room Decorating Ideas

billiard room decorating ideas
    billiard room
  • a room in which billiards is played
  • A billiard room (also billiards room, or more specifically pool room, snooker room) is a recreation room, such as in a house or recreation center, with a billiards, pool or snooker table. (The term is sometimes also used as synonymous with "billiard hall" i.e.
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Billiard Room / Sitting Room - Eastman House
Billiard  Room /  Sitting  Room - Eastman House
Another section of the Billiard / Sitting Room at the George Eastman House. Shown is one of his leather couches with an a leopard skin draped across the top. The woodwork of the Billiard Room is teak. This room was in fact a Billiard Room for only a short time, for Mr. Eastman moved his billiard table upstairs to a second-floor bedroom in 1908, making this room into an informal sitting room with much of the same furniture. For his remaining 24 years here it was a quiet retreat where he could read his newspapers and magazines and in the 1920s, listen to his radio. The decision was made to restore it as the earlier Billiard Room to show his informal and recreational side. The painted glass roundels in the windows represent various modes of transportation, as indicated by Eastman's correspondence; those in the bay were duplicated from documentary photographs, and the others, for which no documentation exists, follow the theme. Located at the George Eastman House and Gardens, 900 East Ave in Rochester, NY.
{billiard room}
{billiard room}
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billiard room decorating ideas
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