• Prevents injury to hands, fingers, and broken fingernails from slippery car & truck door handle.
  • Easier opening of car doors. 
  • Prevents hand and wrist strain.
  • Prevent damage to handheld digital devices and gadgets from slips and drops.
  • Prevents injury, and get your job done with better handling of your tools. 
  • Improves on your game with consistent positioning of your hands for full control and handling of your sports equipment.  
  • Lifetime warranty.

Best GRIP Kits!    non slip grip  kits  -  is  a  self-adhesive,  peel  and stick application  that  is  made  of  industrial  strength  materials.    The material  meets  all  Governmental,  and   Regulatory   safety  guidelines.      We  are  so   confident   of   the   durability  of the  Best GRIP Kits!  non slip grip kits,  that  we  are  offering  a  lifetime  warranty  on  our  product  material

  Non slip grip kits for Your SAFETY

                                     at home or on the move!

Best GRIP Kits!    Non Slip Grip Kits   are  developed   by  a  team   of   engineers  and  healthcare  clinicians,  with  a  combined  expertise  in both  disciplines to  address  user  safety,  equipment  safety   ( including  sports  equipment,  door  handles,  garden  tools, automotive tools, power tools, handheld  digital  devices  and  gadgets,  etc.),  improved  function, ergonomics, prevention  of  injuries, and give you  the  best Grip!

Best GRIP Kits!  Non  Slip  Grip  Kits   are  developed  to  provide  the best
grip for your safety, and your equipment’s safety.   Most of us have experienced cuts and bruises from using our tools, devices, and  equipment.   Somehow,  we  usually  blamed  our-selves for it, but often, the  real  problem  is in  the  design.   There are designs that cause difficulty in your  getting  a  good grip, and result in easy slip or  fall or dropping of  the  equipment, tool, device, etc., and result in broken  fingernails,  injuries  or 
damage  to the equipment or device   

     Best GRIP Kits!  Non Slip Grip Kits will give you the best grip!  


Prevent and stop  the slip, and get control on your grip of Car  door  handles,  household  home  door  knobs,   handheld  devices  and  gadgets,  laptops and   notebooks,  garden  tools,  automotive  tools, power  tools,  and  sports  equipment.                                                     

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