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science geek t shirts
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PhotonQ-And Then There Was Light
PhotonQ-And Then There Was Light
=) Back from a full day marathon of great scientific Conferences in Paris, for the "Rencontres du ciel et de l' espace", a three days event with talks, workshop, meetings, demos etc around Space exploration Science and Technology. Today 's talks went from Cosmic Ray with legendary Hubert Reeves, to Extremophiles (organism that thrives in and may even require physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth.) Or the upcoming Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity, the Herschel Space telescope or Giant Planets and some wonders of the Solar Systems. Great day as you can imagine =) Here is Yves Sirois giving a fun and great talk on the LHC, the CMS detector and some updates about the Higgs boson, showing maybe the first detection/picture of it... Will upload the photo. Back to "curious school" tomorrow for another day of conferences. Subjects will be from dark matter, to the scientific realism of Avatar 's world of James Cameron. Hayabuse, Exoplanets, future space telescops, projection and debats about Space exploration around 2050 and many more. Should be fun !!!
science geeks
science geeks
Would it surprise you to know that I was a Science Geek in high school? We called ourselves The Klan*: An elite senior male organization dedicated to the proposition that no one shall fail. Or, as our chemistry teacher put it, "The buddy system". We didn't really cheat, we just held intense and very effective cram sessions -- enough so that other kids in our classes would sit in on them.** Sitting, from left: Lonny Gordon ("Gordo"), Jeff Fish ("Slime"), Leonard Clevenger ("Grand Puba"), Mike Carroll ("Hobbitt") Standing, from left: Fred Kreigh ("Kree"), John Davis ("Grubb"), Roger Schenk ("Schnikk"), Phil Rogers ("Rutabegga"), Joe Yuska ("Josiah"), Clyde Tackett ("Thumb") *No relation! **A couple of us actually did cheat once in electronics class. We let a non-Klan member, a jock, copy some of our answers on a test. He got a 100; we got 90 -- he guessed at one answer and the rest of us got it wrong. Kids, let this be a lesson; cheaters never prosper.

science geek t shirts