How To Clean A Gas Grill (The Easy Way!)

how to clean a gas grill with vinegar
Summer’s almost here and it’s about that time to pull out that grill. 

As you roll it out of the garage, it still may have all that was left from last summer, that you were too tired to clean them. 

“Well this time is going to be different”, you say? OK, for the ones that really mean it, let’s see some ways that can help make this time different.

There are many ways on how to clean a gas grill but the question is, what are some ways for a good cleaning that won’t harm your family and friends? 

With so many options out there, it is hard to pick just one, but the option is yours. 

Provided are some simple and easy tips that can help keep your grill clean each time it’s used, this includes how to clean gas grill grates along with how to clean gas grill burners, too.

How To Get Started...

how to clean a gas grill with minimal effort
So, now that you pulled that grill out from the dungeon, blew the dust off, let’s go through some ways on how to clean a gas grill. 

It’s important to clean both inside and outside of the grill the day before. You want your grill to look like you just bought it. Remember? The one that was calling your name as it glowed? 

Well, to get that glow back, using some vinegar, will do wonders for your grill. You would need:

· A spray bottle filled with half water and half white vinegar
· A nylon grill brush or rag
· A soft clean rag to wipe dry 

It’s that simple. Vinegar gets to the root of the grime, and its natural shine without extra chemicals. The other option is good ole’ soap and water. All you would need is:

· A bucket of hot soapy dishwater
· A hose to rinse
· A rag or nylon grill brush

Oh, and remember the surfaces surrounding the grill. A good way for that is a capful of bleach, a large bowl of water, and a good wipe down to keep the germs from the raw meat away.

Cleaning Your Grill Grates...

how to clean gas grill grates
How to clean gas grill grates has several tools that you could use, as well. There’s the grill grate cleaner. This tool looks like a mini u-shaped pitch fork and It helps scrape off the ash before and after grilling. 

Another tool is aluminum foil. It’s a great way to help remove the ash. Place a sheet of foil on the grates and allow it to heat up. Afterward, turn the grill off and use the aluminum as a scrubber. 

Be careful, particles can get trapped in the bottom or linger where it may get in someone’s food.

Don't Forget About The Burners...

Lastly, to know how to clean gas grill burners, turn the gas off. Remove each part, clean with soap, and water with a soft sponge.

Once you get to the burner gently wipe it down the sponge and use a toothpick or wooden skewer to get in the whole to free up the airway. Simple.