Kleen Bore Gun Cleaning - Cleaning Carpet With Bleach - Simple And Clean Acoustic Version.

Kleen Bore Gun Cleaning

kleen bore gun cleaning
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kleen bore gun cleaning - Kleenbore Gun
Kleenbore Gun Care PocKit Handgun Cleaning Set (.38/.357/9mm)
Kleenbore Gun Care PocKit Handgun Cleaning Set (.38/.357/9mm)
The unique design of PocKit handgun cleaning sets allows you to pack a two-section rod in a patented storage handle that also holds a phosphor bronze brush, mop and jag for easy, convenient storing and carrying. The first rod section with muzzle guard, cleans 2” to 5” barrels including most semi-automatics. Add a second section for barrels up to 83/8”. PocKit cleaning sets are offered in a variety of popular handgun calibers and the rod sections accept all Kleen-Bore handgun accessories (#8-32).

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Lounging spectacled bear
Lounging spectacled bear
I finally thought about photographing at the spectacled bear enclosure of the zoo of Zurich, Ucumari asked me that! :) I took a series of pictures of one who was not too far away (the enclosure is quite big) and she was posing well! Actually, all four bears are females. So, obviously, this picture is dedicated to my good friend Ucumari!
Sleeping Bear Q2E3593
Sleeping Bear Q2E3593
Some of the bears at McNeil Bear Preserve are more tolerant of humans than others. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is one of the less stressed bears. Taken in June along Mikfik Creek.

kleen bore gun cleaning
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