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Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning

kitchen vent hood cleaning
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kitchen vent hood cleaning - Zephyr Power
Zephyr Power AK2100AS 30 Typhoon Under Cabinet Range Hood, 850 CFM
Zephyr Power AK2100AS 30 Typhoon Under Cabinet Range Hood, 850 CFM
Fan Speed: 850 CFM Sones: 5.0 Finish: Stainless Steel FEATURES & ACCESSORIES Self Cleaning: Yes Removable Clean Cups: 2 Removable Safety Grills: Yes Non-Stick Interior Coating: Yes Dishwasher Safe Accessories: Yes Fully Concealed Underside: Yes Capture (depth): 21" CONTROLS Type: Touch Speed Levels: 6 3 Stage Timed Delay: Yes Halogen Lights: 2 x 35W Dual Level Lighting: Yes DUCT SPECIFICATIONS Option 1 (vertical): 7" RD Option 2 (vertical): 3-1/4" x 10" Option 3 (rear horizontal): 3-1/4" x 10" Min. round duct size: 7" RD Min. rectangular duct size: 3-1/4" x 10"

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Stove fire. Yeah. It sucked.
Stove fire.  Yeah.  It sucked.
So - a few lessons for everyone - not just me. If you have a bag of chips you want to keep out of the hands of a two year old, be smart, and don't put it on the stove. Make sure you turn on the RIGHT ring, and don't leave the kitchen if it's turned on - even for 60 seconds. That's all this took. Make sure your smoke detectors work. Ours does, but it wasn't sensitive enough. If it doesn't go off when something smokes on the ring, it isn't. Ours will be replaced tomorrow with a new unit that is more sensitive. (And don't cheap out.) Have more than 1 detector. We have two. The one at our basement entrance was also going off at the same time as the upstairs. It's new, upstairs isn't. If you have a fire extinguisher, don't put it under your sink. Put it somewhere visible. I installed ours, and knew where it was. I ran to my TRUCK to get one, because I KNEW where to get it. (I screamed at Lin to do so, but the truck was locked, and I had to get my keys... this could have cost us our home.) As it was, I had a bottle of monoammonium phosphate (ABC powder) that knocked the flames out in time. Burners will reignite anything... Get it off if you want it to go out... DON'T RISK YOUR SAFETY TO DO SO. If you feel compelled to swat at the flames to get them out, don't. Debris will scatter. My toe is proof, as is my Lino. A damp cloth kept the flames at bay until I returned with the extinguisher, I was prepared at that point to call 911. It was still under control when I returned with the extinguisher. No reignition, no flames, fire out. Once the fire is under control, EVERY window, door, and opening open. FANS blow with the natural breeze, not against it to get the smoke out. The longer the smoke is in the house, the more risk of smoke damage. IF THE FIRE WAS NEAR A STOVE FAN: IT IS NOT OVER YET. You MUST check for extension of the fire into the hood fan vent. IF you see no smoke coming from the outside vent, once all stovetop sources of possible combustion are OUT, TURN ON THE FAN for at least 30 minutes. WATCH THE VENT EXIT FOR ANY SIGN OF SMOKE. If it reignites in the vent, you can call 911. If you don't, and it smoulders until late night and reignites while you are sleeping - it could be very very bad. So... Stove is almost clean. Need some replacement knobs and burners. Vent hood will be replaced for one with a fireproof lining, not holes that vent into the cabinets above. Lino has some burns and will need to be replaced. I guess the insurance company will be getting a a call tomorrow. Or tonight. Hrm. I wonder.
Stanley Home Renovation & Design
Stanley Home Renovation & Design
A bland and boring 1980s kitchen with typical oak-trimmed white Melamine cabinets has been transformed with bold color, warmth and upscale details in this 21st century same-footprint remodel by Stanley Home Renovation & Design. This retired couple with gourmet cooking skills and accessories were committed to two important details in the creative design process – the addition of a Wolf professional-grade range top and the color red. Art work and artifacts collected in the couple’s travels provided the inspiration for the sleek style and warm vivid hues. The previous kitchen – including a dropped soffit ceiling with fluorescent light panel – was gutted. As the re-design evolved, particular attention was given to accessibility; minimizing reaching and adding a seated prep area, pull-out storage spaces and a concealed lift-up mixer shelf. The warm earth-tone hues of the porcelain tile floor harmonize with the rich tones of the natural cherry wood cabinets. Clean lines, crown molding and contemporary stainless pulls complete the look. The kitchen island doubled in size and now includes a warming drawer directly opposite the double wall convection ovens and new Wolf cooktop with vented hood. Countertops of quartz-based non-porous Caesarstone sparkle in rich ruby on the island, and black on the perimeter counters accentuated by a white subway tile backsplash with an inset design using golden glass and black accents. Undercabinet lighting and recessed can lighting in the ceiling illuminate the work surfaces as well as reflect the stainless steel appliances and the gourmet collection of stainless steel cookware hanging from the pot rack over the colorful, practical island that takes center stage. “Our client wanted a chef’s kitchen with color and emotion in it,” says designer Mitch Stanley. “The colors are bold and exactly what our clients wanted. They are elated and their love of cooking has returned thanks to the completion of this project.”

kitchen vent hood cleaning
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