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Clean Porcelain Sinks

clean porcelain sinks
    porcelain sinks
  • Porcelain sinks are very common in order homes and are usually a porcelain coating over a base of cast iron or other metal. Porcelain sinks can be polished to a shine, but can chip if heavy items are dropped the wrong way, and some stains can be hard to remove.
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clean porcelain sinks - OXO Good
OXO Good Grips 1307930 Large Sink Mat
OXO Good Grips 1307930 Large Sink Mat
Protect both your sink and dishes with the OXO Good Grips Large Sink Mat. Rest the mat in your sink to protect porcelain sinks from chipping or stainless steel sinks from unsightly scratches. Should fragile items slip from your hands during washing, the soft, cushioned surface of the Mat provides a safe landing. Use the sink mat as a drying rack and dry glasses, cups and bowls upside-down right in your sink. OXO design allows air and water to flow freely through the mat to discourage mildew build-up. The mat conforms to the shape of your sink and includes a useful handle so you can lift it easily to access the drain. At 16-1/2-inch by 12-3/4-inch, the Large Sink Mat is perfect for bigger sinks. This item is PVC free.

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Sink comparison
Sink comparison
Here is a picture of Bianco Japan's Tile cleaner cleaning off a hard to remove buildup from a porcelain sink.
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean
I cleaned the bathroom this morning and the faucet is already spotty!

clean porcelain sinks
clean porcelain sinks
12 each: Ace 50 Year 100% Silicone Sealant (08175A)
Sold as one unit. (1 unit = 12 each.) 10.1 oz. cartridge. Seals cracks, joints, windows, doors, gutters, sinks, counter tops & showers. Also use on RVs & boats above water line. Bonds to ceramic, glass, fiberglass, porcelain, painted surfaces, non-oily surfaces & most metal. Apply between 10 deg. F. & 100 deg. F. 24 hr. cure. Non-paintable. Mineral spirits clean-up. Authorized by USDA for federally inspected meat & poultry plants, meets TT-S- 00230 C Class A, TT-S-001543 A Class A, Mil, Spec. Mil-A- 46106A, ASTM C920-79, FDA Reg. No. 21 CRF 177, 2600 when fully cured. UL listed. Gray. Manufacturer number: 08175A. SKU #: 11961. Country of origin: (TBA). Distributed by Red Devil, Inc.

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