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Pictures Of Eye Makeup

pictures of eye makeup
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pictures of eye makeup - Eye Charm
Eye Charm Eye Charm-Double Eyelid Tape 50 pairs
Eye Charm Eye Charm-Double Eyelid Tape 50 pairs
Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape is a medical grade tape designed to lift the eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes. The result is your eyes look bigger and clearer. Contains 10 pcs per sheet / 5 sheets per pack, totaling 50 usage (50 pairs). *** Please note, the product description and instructions on package are all in Korean language. You'll find translated description and instructions here on amazon page. Thank you. *** Size: 1 1/16 inch width ** Please beware of copycat products. We do not make "New" versions. Our Original Eye Charm Queen double eyelid tape has 35 years of history since 1975. **

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Pictures From M.A.C
Pictures From M.A.C
2 pictures of New York A/W 2007 Trend. Left: Day Seven of NY A/W 07 shows features fresh new looks from Badgley Mischka, Y & K, Kai Kuhne, and Zac Posen. BADGLEY MISCHKA This season marks the first foray into ready-to-wear for the Boys of Bling. And the duo proved that they are just as masterful with suiting as they are with sequins. Because they were showing both groupings, makeup artist Tom Pecheux created a neutral daytime face that easily transitions into evening. "There's nothing aggressive about this look," he said. "It's soft and elegant." Pecheux started with matte skin on the pale side. No contour. No blush. He defined the brows, but didn't go overboard. Next, he worked with nudes and shapers in hues of ivory, dark brown, taupe and tabacco to smoke out the eyes. He finished them with M·A·C Loud Lash Mascara in Noisy Black and white pencil on the inner rim. Lips stayed rather nude with a swipe of High Tea Lipstick. The finishing touches: black liquid liner and hair swept casually into a soft, looped bun. "It's very classic. Very Audrey Hepburn," Pecheux said. Y & K For Max Delorme, the Y&K woman this season is "not cute." But the French makeup artist did not mean anything negative by his comment. Au contraire. To counterbalance the tight ponytails and geometric collection at Y&K, he designed a face that was "dreamy but strong, not cute." "The most important thing is the skin," Delorme continued. "It needs to be somewhat matte, but also satiny and transparent." To achieve these qualities, he took his time working in a dot of liquid foundation and melting it into the skin with the heat of his fingers. That was the hard part. The rest, as he put it, was "kid stuff." With a large brush, Delorme swirled together three shades of Powder Blush – Harmony, Deep Plum and Dame – which he swept liberally across the mouth and eyelids. Next, he did the same with a gold and bronze mineral powder before concentrating it on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. He accented the outer corners of the eyes next with a black pencil. Finally, Delorme swiped a bit of black and gold powder on the center of the mouth before adding gloss, to give the lips a sense of dimension and volume. "That's it. It's just a soft wash of makeup," he said. Definitely not cute. KAI KUHNE The fur is flying at Kai Kuhne! Inspired by the many fur pieces in the collection, makeup artist Kabuki set out to create a "mink stole" for the face, so to speak. "We're brushing up brow hairs and painting in extra ones to create furry brows," he said. "It's Julie Newmar as Cat Woman done more glamorously, a la David Bailey!" To bring his vision to life, the makeup artist also placed Coquette Eye Shadow in the crease, brushed Wedge over the entire lid and sprinkled opalescent glitter over that in addition to extending liquid liner out, way beyond the top lash lines. Iridescent/Loose Powder was also dusted on cheekbones and temples. Lips were layered with a nude Lipstick called Underplay, Hush Cream Colour Base and Clear Lipglass. The coup de grace: Long fake lashes that completed the furry special effect. ZAC POSEN Brows were on Zac Posen's mind, too. "This season, I balanced femininity with structure. This collection is for a woman who's real and who's smart. She's an eyebrow!" Charlotte Tilbury got the message. She created groomed arches filled in with M·A·C Lingering Eye Brows eye pencil. The eyes she kept neutral, applying Taupe Eye Shadow all around, curling lashes and coating them with Zoom Lash in Zoomblack. Lips were a bigger focus. Tilbury layered three hues: Laid Back Blushcreme, Ruby Woo Lipstick and Media Lipstick to effect a berry stain, which she also patted into cheeks. A swipe of Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder across the cheeks and then models were ready to jump into their Baltic ballgowns. "They look healthy," Posen said. "I'm not interested in women looking like droids." Note to self. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right: Day Eight of NY A/W 07 shows features fresh new looks from Ann Klein, Carmen Marc Valvo, Donna Karan, Daryl K., and Costello Tagliapietra. ANNE KLEIN Echoing the "couture haberdashery" in soft wood, blonde and camel tones that Isabel Toledo turned out for Anne Klein, makeup artist James Kaliardos went for "an exaggerated version of no-makeup makeup" by using beige tones to accentuate the natural architecture of the face. "It's a neutral face," he said, "but it's a built face. It's graphic, but minimal." Kaliardos started with a base of foundation and then "carved out" the eye socket by brushing on Taupe Eye Shadow all around the eyes. Next, he lightly traced top lash lines with Fluidline in Blacktrack and applied Zoom Lash Mascara. A dash of Brow Set on arches, a touch
First Gyaru attempt?
First Gyaru attempt?
At the beginning of the year I made a goal to become more Gyaru styled, SO HERE IT IS~ Eventually I'll become better so please just think of this as an experiment. IMO, I did a good job on the eyes, perhaps maybe too much eye makeup, and I put too much blush on, but it doesn't look too bad for a more dramatic look of Gyaru style. Many Gyaru looks to come~ :> Products used; liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, a gold eyeshadow mixed with black eyeshadow and white/silvery eyeshadow along the top under my eyebrow bone, mascara, along with Dolly lashes both on top and bottom lash lines to finish off the look. The brands of makeup IMO don't really matter since you could do this look with cheap or expensive makeup, so don't worry about the makeup I used costing too much, I'm sure they'll be a cheaper brand of makeup that can give you the same look. I'll post a tutorial I did a bit later along with the products I use, for now this picture is just a test. :>

pictures of eye makeup
pictures of eye makeup
Beautiful Eyes: The Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide
From casual daytime looks to glamorous options for evenings, a fully illustrated guide—taken from Rae Morris' Makeup—packed with tips and tricks for enhancing the most crucial aspect of any woman's face

Whether the eyes are large, small, round, or almond-shaped, making them look beautiful is the key to successful makeup and this book showcases an array of eye makeup for every occasion. From casual day looks and elegant evenings to vamping it up at any time, this guide is full of tips, tricks, and techniques only the professionals know. Color charts for every eye color are provided as is helpful information about eyelashes and eyebrows. This gorgeous guide to making anyone's eyes look even more beautiful is a must-have book for every woman's bookshelf or dressing table.