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buying makeup online
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buying makeup online - Special Effects
Special Effects Make-Up
Special Effects Make-Up
From bullet holes to severed fingers, from slashed throats to wounds and burns, Special Effects is a complete easy-to-use guide to creating horrifying make-up. As storylines become more sensational and technology more sophisticated, special effects have become an increasingly important element of both film and theater production. Janus Vinther provides fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for creating grotesque and horrifying effects. There is also a chapter on specialized character make-up, covering familiar figures such as Dracula and the Terminator. Illustrated throughout in gory full color, Special Effects for Film and Theatre describes both techniques and materials. It will be an essential tool for those involved in film and theater make-up or design, and for anyone out to make Halloween a very special evening.

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79/365 - It's just unexplainable.
79/365 - It's just unexplainable.
March 19th, 2008 Today was so crazy that I'm starting to get my days mixed up. John scared the living shit out of me this morning by coming in and literally jumping on my bed. (well, he liked plopped on down) I jumped and I kinda started getting bitchy with him. I don't know what time it was but it was sometime this morning. I came waking up on and off through the day and then I finally woke up around 1-2 PM. (I think!) John was supposed to go to school today but he didn't and his teacher called (he got a new one for his Wednesday class) and was all like "yeah, I'm calling for John, I didn't see you in class today and was calling to know if you are or not. Blah blah blah". Woke up and parked my ass on the couch and watched movie after movie like always. I haven't really been online. It's like, my body is finally noticing that the internet isn't as fun as it used to be. I just usually check myspace and flickr and then I get off. It's actually pretty awesome. Now all I have to do is find a hobby more worth my time rather then watching movies. Seriously, if you're at my house, I'm either online or watching a movie. I say all the time "wanna watch a movie?" because I know there's nothing else to do. We have a pool table, but it's not fun unless you're actually playing a round with someone. I've been wanting to get into jewelry making, sewing, drawing/painting and scrapbooking. (and maybe even some other stuff!) But I never find myself doing any of those things. It's been a long time since I've taken the time to sit down and draw something. I think I should buy a kit or something... So, it's around 4 AM again and I'm just now uploading this. After everything is done I usually put my away messages up on AIM and MSN and then I hit the hay. John went out with David tonight to go play poker. We kinda uhhh, spiked Davids gatorade while they were gone. And I don't mean alcohol... Catie had this wild idea to pee in his gatorade. (because he's THAT annoying) So, she did.... I know it's disgusting and everything, but it was fucking hilarious. He actually drank it and we busted out laughing. He suspected something was up so he didn't have any more. But trust me, one sip was well worth it. He said we either put oil or vinegar in it. AHAHAHAHA! Anyways, Catie has been in the kitchen all night washing dishing. Which is surprising. None of John's former girlfriends did shit for us, and she's in there doing all of them! She's like, super awesome. If you don't know...Catie is John's current girlfriend. (John is my older brother) She's pretty much living with us because she got fired and her mom kicked her out. Which is totally ok. She's super nice and her and I actually get along with each other. We don't compete with each other like all of John's other girlfriends have. She likes chick flicks and makeup and we're totally giddy together. I hope this one lasts. So yeah... This is pretty much the only thing I do. I check myspace and flickr, see if I got anything. If I do, I reply. and then I get bored and I get off. Then later I upload the 365 photo and go to bed. eh; I'm boring but who cares...? Tomorrow I'm hoping that Catie (or John) helps me bring up my mini fridge to clean it out. I doubt I'll have food in it, just drinks and probably yogurt. Well, it's 4:02 in the morrrrrning and I need sleep. I have my ceiling fan on so it's nice and chilly in here. I might do some other stuff online tomorrow, that's if I feel an urge to do something. That's about it. (I should probably get my room cleaned tomorrow and maybe sort shit out. blaaaah, I hate how it seems like daytime goes soooo incredibly fast but when we get to nighttime it goes extremely slow. I think God intended for us to be lonely)
Rainbow Reflections
Rainbow Reflections
Canon Photo5 Entry, 2009. For the Brief "Close up" From the very beginning I wanted the H+Ts to look like eye-jewels, and also to have similar shaded makeup, so before I even got the box, I bought the Skittle Makeup online. They are amazing colours! My friend has amazing eyes and they seem to copy the transition of colours of the makeup too. --- I was feeling very unoriginal when I saw other similar shots being uploaded, but I love this so I decided to upload it anyway. :) Plus, if you want to be picky, I shot this on the 3rd Oct, so probably before some of the others ;)

buying makeup online