Best Free Makeup

best free makeup
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small makeup spree
small makeup spree
home on monday i went to the mall with bff to look for things for my trip. i've neglected makeup and skin care stuff for awhile now because i'm just too lazy to go to the mall but i finally decided with the trip coming, i need some essentials. so i got a few things: kiehls #1 lip balm one of my top 5 favorite lip balms. love love love it. it gives it that perfect shine and smoothness without feeling overly gunked on. and i love making more matte lipsticks into a glossier feel with a layer of this over my lips. laura mercier oil free foundation probably one of the best foundations out there in a whole range of colors, esp for asian skin tones. although it's oil free, it still blends effortlessly and stays on so well. kiehls cucumber herbal alcohol free toner i'm a big big kiehls fan. i use their toners and face wash mainly. i have oily skin or at least combination skin with an oily t-zone but i find toners and cleansers made for oily skin strips my skin too much and makes it too dry. so hard to find the perfect balance i tell you. but what i usually do is use a toner for dry skin to soften it up after washing and it magically somehow balances it really well. those who've met me/seen me/know me can attest that i look pretty young for my age and have decent skin. lancome artliner i usually use bobbi brown's long wearing gel eyeliner but sometimes i really want a dramatic line so i like liquid eye liner to do that job. i prefer shu uemura but no one had it in stock that day so i went w/ lancome to see how it goes. will have to report on it when i start using it. seems easy to control though. kiehls gentle foaming facial cleanser only in the dryer months do i resort to a cleanser for dry skin. maybe it's the age or hormones but my body has changed so sometimes using a dry skin cleanser works better on my combination skin. weird. come summertime, i go back to a cleanser for normal/oily skin. laura mercier loose setting powder this actually has color so it's not totally transluscent. i find it gives a nice glow to your skin without looking like bronzer or a white dusty layer. goes perfectly with their foundation naturally. :) things like fun eyeshadows and lipsticks will have to wait until my trip when i can look for some cool things! :)
$1 makeup
$1 makeup
Went on an uncharacteristic makeup binge. All of this only cost $24, including shipping. Most of e.l.f.'s makeup cost $1. Yes, one dollar. Not tested on animals either. How do they do it? I probably don't want to know.

best free makeup