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Change Your Life Today and Listen to a Common Sense Diet

Have you tried every kind of diet like the ones that I have? Does your weight yo-yo up and down and do you always gain it back? Do you go around starving yourself and feeling hungry all of the time? Do you eat certain foods that you do not like, to maintain your weight? Do you invest in pills, diet books, diet bars and special foods designed by your diet people to make them a lot of money? Sometimes it is all about the money and they do not care if you are healthy and lose. Do you exercise all the time or do you hate to exercise? Do you keep a stressful schedule already, going all of the time, and don’t have time to exercise, and if you find the time you are already exhausted?

This why I am offering you this free diet because I care about you and your health. I do not want you to spend your life as I have battling your weight. This diet could save your life and extend your years of longevity.


I have been a person who has been seeking all of my life. I seek for physical and spiritual things all of the time. How did I find this new diet? There is a book out now called “The Secret,” many of you may have heard of it. It is about the law of attraction. A great writer and one of the wisest men in the world was King Solomon of Israel. He wrote some of the best proverbs and writings that could be offered to mankind. He said in his Book of Ecclesiastes that “there is no new thing under the sun” and this is true about this diet. It is not a new diet but an old one, which everyone has passed over all of these years. Reading all the diet magazines, it may mention it, but does not lay it out systematically as the master of this diet did back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I tried it just like he said and it really works. In seeking, I began first by reading “The Secret” the law of attraction. In their book they mentioned that some of their principles were based on one of what I call an early master named Wallace Wattles. So is “the Secret” something new? They are just expounding on the principles giving early by many of the writers that appeared around the first of the 20th century. Their principles came from the book “The Science of Getting Rich.” I enjoyed reading this book by Wallace so I looked for other books in Google Books written by him. The one that meant the most to me was “The Science of Being Well.” In his book chapters 9 through 12 are all about when, how and what to eat. It is some of the most common sense information given that I have ever read. If you have time, go to Google Books and read this full view book. Wallace Wattle’s information on eating came from a man that lived in his time called Horace Fletcher. I then Googled  a book called “Fletcherism, What It Is: Or How I Became Young at Sixty.” Horace Flectcher had a lot to say about how we eat, what to eat, and how it affected him. He was forty years old, his hair was white, he was overweight, he got the flu every six months, and was turned down for life insurance. He was a disciple of Prime Minister William Gladstone and this is where he began his eating adventure. After five months of being on this diet, he had lost sixty pounds, he felt the best he had in 20 years, he hadn’t even had the least little cold, and his stamina and endurance increased. It took a while before he convinced the world that this was the way that we should eat but he affected many people at that time including John D Rockefeller and John Harvey Kellogg.

Here are the Simple details of the Diet.


First: Wait for a true earned appetite.

Second: Select from the food available, that which appeals most to appetite, and in the order called for by appetite.


Third: Get all the good taste there is in food out of it in the mouth, and swallow only when it practically “swallows itself.”


Fourth: Enjoy the good taste for all it is worth, and do not allow any depressing or diverting thought to intrude upon the ceremony.


Fifth: Wait; take and enjoy as much as possible what appetite approves; nature will do the rest.


Wait until you have an earned hunger. Preferably two meals a day about 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. Breakfast only gratifies appetite. Hunger is caused by work.


Chew your food at least 32 times or more depending on what you are eating, more or less until it becomes liquid in your mouth.


Eat whatever you desire or are hungry for. Normally you are full after 20 to 30 minutes of chewing.


It takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell you that you are full. Listen to your system. You are satisfied and full after 20 minutes and you have consumed less food, thus cutting calories in half.

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