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Just like any other game, it has its rules, the only difference Best Foosball and football has is; in Foosball you play with dummy players while in football its real players in the field.

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Best Foosball

Just like any other game, it has its rules, the only difference 
Best Foosball and football has is; in Foosball you play with dummy players while in football its real players in the field.

Soccer is a renowned sport worldwide. It has numerous physical and mental health benefits just like any active sport.
Best Foosball (Table Soccer) is yet another form of soccer, though not very popular but interesting to watch and play. Sounds funny? it is not a spelling error but an enjoyable table soccer. It was invented for soccer lovers who wanted to participate in soccer at the comfort of their homes.

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How to play
Best Foosball

Like football, the game starts at the center of the field by placing the ball at the dummy in the rotating bar. Alternatively, you can also place it at the side of the soccer table. A coin toss decides the side which starts the game. There are rotating bars placed strategically equidistant to one another, with figures to aid in kicking the ball towards the opponents’ side as well as the attackers’ side. As a beginner, your speed might be limited, but for Foosball experts, they kick the ball at high speeds without missing the target. You have to spin the bar with your hand to get the figures that determine the distance the ball can move. The wrist is a faster and easier option, however, that is forbidden in the Foosball rules. Ball movement is controlled by rotations of the bars. You can only have a maximum of two complete rotations which is 360 degrees each.

Determining the Winner

A winner is predetermined by the highest number of goals-5, 10 and to some extent 11. A genuine win must exceed the opponent by 2 goals. The robots have been programmed using successful football players hence have tactics in attack and defense to get a win. You have to be smart in spinning, attacking and defending with an aim of scoring.

It is a simple game loved by football fanatics who want to have fun in joints while playing soccer. Unlike football, all you need is the soccer table and a little knowledge on how to use the table. The rest of the tactics are similar to football including the number of players and their roles in the field. The only difference is- they play in a table.

Best Foosball Table

The table can be made from any type of material but there is a standard measurement in the position of the rotating balls. Wood, metal, and rubber are the most famous materials in making Foosball tables. Ideally, the table should be 7 meters with labeling like a typical stadium with 11 players on each of the side and an opponent goalkeeper. The market has various versions of the table soccer, this dictates the style of play but during International Championships there is a standard table like a typical football match. These modifications do not carry the original vision bearer of the founder but self-interests. To get specifications of the best Foosball table refer to International Table Soccer Federation manual.

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Basic Rules of Playing Foosball

If you’re new to the game of foosball, then you might want to brush up on the basic rules before you start playing at that new home foosball table. It is a pretty simple table game to play, which makes it a great hobby for people of all ages – including kids!

Starting The Game – most people usually start a foosball game with a coin toss. So, call your side of the coin before the flip to see who gets to serve first.

The Table – Before you start playing, count the number of balls to make sure that you have all 9 of them. Also make sure that all players know to not spin the rods around. This seems to be more of a problem with kids than adults, but just mention it to everyone to avoid any issues during the game.

Playing The Game – The ball can be served through any hole. Since there are 9 balls, you play the best of nine games, which means the first person to score 5 goals is the winner.

After a goal is made, the team that was scored upon gets to serve the ball. Likewise, if the ball leaves the table, then it is given to the team last scored upon to serve it.

Did the ball stop moving and neither team can get at it? Declare “dead ball,” pick it up and the last scored upon team gets to serve the ball.

No reaching into the table with your hands while a ball is in play – you can only do this when there is a dead ball situation.

The ball can only remain in one place for 15 seconds – so, don’t try to hog the ball while you come up with a strategy!

Don’t try to jar or bump the table while a game is in play as this is cheating, just like in pinball.

Scoring – The ball must be touched by a man before you can score. Anytime the ball goes into the goal, it is counted as a legal point – regardless of who last touched it.  As previously mentioned, if you want to win, then you need to be the first one to five goals.

Keep in mind that these are not the official tournament rules, but they are the basics that you need to know before playing a game with friends or family. And remember, the most important rule of foosball is to have a fun time!

Best Foosball

Best Foosball

Enjoy a fast-paced
Best Foosball battle without buying a space-consuming full-size table with this classic tabletop football/soccer table. The game offers all the thrills of traditional football--including pull shots, rollovers, and pull kicks--but is small enough to bring to parties or BBQ. Designed to look and feel like a genuine table, the game boasts such features as a wood construction to withstand wear and tear, four steel rods, six detailed soccer players per side, a classic slide scorer, and two soccer designed footballs. And when you're done playing, the game stores easily in a closet or under a bed. With this fast paced, mini Soccer table you can have soccer fun wherever you go!

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