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Best Floor Polisher

best floor polisher
    floor polisher
  • A floor buffer or floor polisher is an electrical appliance that is used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble or linoleum.
  • A walk-behind machine used in the production of polished concrete. Most machines are equipped with a planetary drive system—a large primary polishing head (from 17 to 36 inches in diameter) fitted with three or four smaller satellite heads that hold the diamond abrasives.

80's Philips floor polisher HL3836
80's Philips floor polisher HL3836
That's a big and heavy floor polisher / vacuum polisher, unlike vertical vacuum cleanner, this one is more a floor polisher than a vacuum cleanner at all. Although it is not so flashy and stylish like the 400T polisher HL3633, this one doesn't have the annoying sound of a buzzer while works. But compared to its previous version, this one have too much sheet metal and screws than the 400T, which has a plastic casing, clips, joints and plugs instead joints by screws. It was available also in beige, gray and chromed under the same code HL3836. After its replacement, it was available under a several quantity of brands, like Bronx, Electrolux, Westpoint, Black & Decker, etc... These floor polisher is from a friend of mine who is also a collector, Later we gonna open a gallery of his polishers!
1984 Arno catalog 14 - hot comb and hot brush hair dryers
1984 Arno catalog 14 - hot comb and hot brush hair dryers
Here is the hot comb Arno Modelador and its two colors schemes. Since its release in the end of 70's, this dryer were made without significant changes until 1986, when unfortunately were fased out. Below the best seller Turbo Brushing Arno, with his set of accessories, released in 1980 in these two colors and dark yellow. For 1984 the yellow was out of line and in 1986 another version were released, painted in metalic beige, with more accessories and a travel case, remained in line until the middle of the 90's.

best floor polisher
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