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VPNArea Review

VPNArea Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the VPNArea service. Is VPNArea worth the money in 2018? Find out here + VPNArea coupon.

VPNArea is a service providing speed, reliability, and security to users all over the world. Trusting in one service for a secure connection enables businesses, individuals, and anyone in need of a clean, private tunneling service to remain anonymous at all times. Providing great customer service, PPTP access, and Open VPN, VPNArea is an excellent choice for a number of users. In our VPNArea review, we’ll discuss the benefits, features, pros and cons, and additional aspects of this service.


Some of the main features of VPNArea include a pricing plan designed to let you scale up, allowing for a basic VPN connection. The first plan starts at $4.99 per month, with an annual subscription cost. If you pay on a monthly basis instead, your price will be $10 per month. You can also receive VPNArea coupons to help offset the major monthly price for each plan.


Some of the main benefits of the plan include a no logging policy, dedicated IP add ons, and a number of security features that are great for those in need of a safe connection. In addition, the service provides usage for up to five devices at one time, as well as server speed that helps give you the maximum speed for your area. They include an anti WebRTC leak provider, keeping your IP address safe while using the VPN — as well as an anti DNS and IPv6 leak plugin.


Some of the major pros of VPNArea include the ability to change your IP to more than 54 different areas, as well as a speed test and killswitch system. With low prices every month, you’ll receive optimal service and a great plan that keeps costs low while providing excellent service.


The main downside to VPNArea is its lack of easy to access customer service. With an inability to easily reach someone to help out, you might find yourself getting stuck along the way. This can be a problem if you encounter a particularly tricky technical problem.

Additional Features

Owned by Offshore Security, VPNArea is based in Bulgaria, making it part of Bulgarian privacy regulations. For this reason, zero data is collected about your activities online, keeping your service truly anonymous. Bulgaria doesn’t collect any kind of data, so you won’t have to worry about being tracked while using the service. In addition, the company provides a dedicated private VPN service add-on that lets you choose from US, UK, and Australian services for your own VPN on a private connection. If you intend to run gaming, mail, or other types of services, this will be a great choice.

Low Pricing Plans

Thanks to the company’s six month subscription, the VPN service given through this provider is some of the best available in terms of affordability. Their plans are both yearly and monthly, letting you choose the VPN and area that is most able to provide you with secure, fast connections. Being able to choose from a number of different VPN areas and locations makes for faster service than you’d normally be able to receive through other carriers.

User Feedback

Testers and regular customers of the VPNArea provider find that this service is one of the best available. Offering top speed, quality, and overall connection time, VPNArea has regularly given users exactly what they need to continue browsing and streaming data over secure connections. One user who was attempting to connect safely and anonymously to a different area outside his home location found that VPNArea gave him the best deal overall. Rather than having to worry about connection times, he was able to stream video data and upload/download finals faster than ever. Another user said she needed a faster connection to play games competitively, since she was based out of Korea. Finding VPNArea was one of the best opportunities she’d had; the service gave her just what she needed to compete successfully in major tournaments.


VPNArea provides speed, reliability, upload and download streaming, and security that is rivaled by few other providers. This service does lack a bit in terms of customer service, but makes up for that with their multiple subscription plans and lower prices. Thanks to the ability to quickly and easily get connected to a number of different locations, VPNArea remains one of our top selections for secure providers. You can sign up by going to the website and selecting your plan from the available choices.