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StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the StrongVPN service. Is StrongVPN worth the money in 2018? Find out here + StrongVPN coupon.

An important new VPN service providing secure connections to users all over the world, StrongVPN uses a number of secure protocols including SSTP, L2TP, and Open VPN. Providing service through more than 80,000 IP addresses over a number of VPN servers everywhere, the company has been known for providing top level tech support and VPN service for several years. Beginning in 1994, StrongVPN has a number of packages, each of which offers choices for users to choose the best in terms of value, affordability, and features. In our StrongVPN Review, we’ll discuss each feature and price point for the service.

Packages and Pricing

There are three main packages with StrongVPN, including Lite, Special Offer, and Deluxe. Each package offers a range of important features that will help to give users the best in terms of security, privacy, and reliability. Through the use of a secure internet connection, the company offers privacy from hackers. The starting plan begins at $5 per month, which then scales up to more than $20 per month for their Deluxe plan.


The product offers a number of features, including device compatibility over a range of systems, as well as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and Open VPN access. In addition, StrongVPN provides more than 238 PPTP servers spanning a range of countries and cities, all of which provide exactly what you need for your local area.

In addition, StrongVPN offers P2P services, no internet records logging, and no storing of files or sites visited. The company also has a zero bandwidth usage limit and limits of server switches per month to prevent user abuse of their servers. The company also provides unblocked sites, static IP addresses, safe public Wifi, security, firewalls, and Skype usage. You’ll be able to choose your own package, as well as get dependable, safe security online for your own use and that of the family.


A number of devices and services work with StrongVPN, including gmail, twitter, reddit, Facebook, and Youtube. All services are unblocked using the VPN service and can be accessed at all times. StrongVPN provides speedy connections and streaming quality of optimal choice for those who subscribe.

Firewall Protection

Using this service, you will receive full virtual firewall choices against malicious hackers, phishers, and those who are trying to steal your personal information. No matter where you are connecting from, the service keeps you secure even in airports, cafes, and other public hotspots.

Software Client

Connecting to Strong VPN can be done using the client, which works on both mac and Windows. To connect, simply choose your location and server, and then you’ll be able to select SSTP, L2TP, or PPTP connections. Depending on where you are connecting from, your service might be slightly slower or faster. You can login using the info you receive when first signing up.

Customer Support

With a full round the clock tech support and billing plan, Strong VPN offers a number of excellent choices for contact support. Their agents are fully equipped to help you navigate the service and receive excellent help at all times. The typically Sppedtest results measure about 18 MBPS for download speed, which is pretty good on the whole.

User Reviews

Many customers who have used this serve say it is one of the better choices out there. Comparing VPN services across the board, StrongVPN generally receives high ratings from those who have sampled or who use the service on a regular basis. In terms of pricing and affordability, some users do say it is more expensive to use this service . One user said that he signed up for StrongVPN and wasn’t disappointed since he gained access to an umber of good VPN channels using a simple software interface. However, the cost was slightly higher than he would have liked, making it slightly more expensive than other services. Additionally, he found that adding other countries to his list of servers to choose from required paying even more, which made it about a 4 star rating for him.


StrongVPN ranks well in terms of overall service, features, and selections, though some other services are slightly more affordable and speedy. However, for the amount you’re investing each month, it’s still a great choice, especially in terms of the user interface. When connection, the user interface is sleek, simple to use, and easy to connect to any location you wish, no matter where you are located — even in public or unsecured wifi areas.