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SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the SaferVPN service. Is SaferVPN worth the money in 2018? Find out here + SaferVPN coupon.

SaferVPN is one of the primary providers of VPN plans that will give you the chance to stay safe at all times during your online activities. Featuring a number of choices in terms of connections for various devices per session, as well as small business and family plans, the company generally receives positive reviews. Including good P2P service, bitcoin offerings, and Chrome extensions, the service provides good reliability and an overall friendly and simple to navigate interface. As noted in our SaferVPN review, users find the service to be generally good as a source of VPN protection.

SaferVPN Plans and Pricing

Using three different pricing opportunities, SaferVPN offers a basic plan at $5 per month, a premium plan at $8 per month, and a small business plan at $15 per month. Users will be able to scale up to as many as 10 devices per machine over the connection with the small business plan. For the premium plan, you will receive 3 devices for each machine, and for the basic plan, you’ll be able to connect one device at a time. The company accepts USD, EUR, GPB, and CAD, as well as other sources of payment such as bitcoin.

SaferVPN Provider Details

Based in Israel, the company has been in existence since 2013. They started out as a means of internet access for users that would be safe and protected from middlemen trying to hack into your connection. With more than a hundred different VPN servers, the company offers 22 different countries as part of their VPN offering.

VPN Services

Using a special encrypted tunnel known as a virtual private network, VPN through SaferVPN offers the ability to keep your data safe from hackers at all times. This gives you the opportunity to remain anonymous, masking your IP address, which functions as a secure source of identification. By making it impossible for people to use, hijack, or track your IP, you stay safe at all times.


There are a number of features for SaferVPN, including unlimited bandwidth, speed, and protocols. In addition, you will receive unlimited witching of locations and compatibility across multiple devices such as Windows machines, Ubuntu, and iPad, iPhone, and others. The company doesn’t log any information meaning no records are kept of your history or activity online. In addition, you’ll find that their P2P service is highly helpful for users wishing to download or stream data over their connection.

Bitcoin Payment

One of the major perks of SaferVPN is the usage of bitcoin as a payment method. This makes payment highly secure and anonymous, without any record or tracking of your payment methods.

Interface and User Experience

The user interface for SaferVPN is quite friendly to anyone regardless of experience level. When you first sign on, you’ll notice the ability to connect to any server you want, regardless of IP. So you can select from plenty of different areas and receive a highly secure connection — no matter what location you need to connect to or which country you wish to access.

User Reviews

Users of the company find that SaferVPN is highly recommended on the whole, providing reliable, fast, and secure service that stays up most of the time. For this reason, many users have found it to be ideal in terms of security, privacy, and ease of use. One user said that he revolutionized his business model using the program, which helped him gain the ability to quickly connect over secure VPN tunneling. He was able to transmit data at higher speeds based on his location, which had previously been more difficult to transmit data through. Another user said she was no longer concerned about anyone spying on her internet activity, as she would be untraceable based on the VPN’s format and offerings. She now uses it on a regular basis and find the pricing plans to be quite suitable for her needs.


SaferVPN is a generally well-known, reputable source of secure connections for those in need of a private anonymous internet connection. Using the service, you won’t have to pay a premium for access; you’ll simply pay as you go, scaling up in price and plan offerings until you find the one that is most suited to your needs. As part of the program, you can connect from any location after setting up the easy to use client interface — which gives you just what you need to start running.